January 2009

My little children of Urantia!  The way is open for you to come home to your Mother and me.  I am your Father Michael and I embrace you in loving tenderness as you open the eyes of your heart and see the beauty within you.  Here is where you will find me and here is where you will find your home.  Look not to those external places where your physical body is domiciled for the peace you long for deep in your soul.  Focus within your heart and I will show you the place you have in my family.  Come home, children, come home!


My touch can unlock your hearts, my beloveds.  Allow me to gently caress that place within you that is too painful for you to touch yourselves.  Allow Mother to breathe her effervescence into this place and tickle it open!  Sit and allow us to move in you.  Receive…relax…receive…relax. 


Opening your heart is an act of love, and one that we share together.  The heart was meant to be united with others.  The heart that fully loves is the happy heart:  pure, innocent, and free!  I know the purity in your hearts, my children, and I am happy to share with you the vision of YOU that I see.  Validate yourself in my image of you, and experience truly coming home to YOURSELF. 






Beloved children, this is your Mother Nebadonia.  As your hearts open to Spirit more this year, think about the changes you would like to see transpire in your life this year.  Transformation is an energy that is permeating your world now.  This is your time to become what you desire, especially when that desire is combined with the will of Spirit that is sweeping across the globe.


Make no mistake about it, my children, my presence is here and I have opened the circuits connecting you to the universe you live within.  It is time for you to learn about collaboration with me, cooperation with your brothers and sisters of this world and beyond, and to prepare yourselves to become citizens of the universe.  It is time!


You will be learning many new ideas that will stimulate your creative potential, and this will greatly enhance your ability to create the life you wish to live.  By opening your hearts fully to me and to what the universe wants to share with you, you will be led further on the path to the higher realms of light and glory.  You will discover what you need to build a better life for yourself, and for others if you chose a path of service. 


Allow your bodies to relax in this awareness and allow my transformative energies to form around you.  Open your hearts to what is happening within and about you, and know that my presence is moving through you, building you in SPIRIT.  This is a time in human history when the veil lifts off your eyes of that kept you in quarantine and isolation.  Open your eyes, open your hearts!  LOVE is here for you!



Beloved children of my native human world!  This is your Father Michael, and I greet you to another year of change and growth in Spirit.  When I walked the earth as Jesus, the pace of living was not what is now is for many of your cultures.  We journeyed not in the haste and stress that you experience.  For so many of you, the pace of life leaves you little time for your spiritual sustenance.  Yet in making this the most important meal of your day, you would find satisfaction and contentment become more visible in your emotional life.


Life was meant to be savored, my children.  This is something that needs time to thoroughly enjoy.  Beyond the chaos of your culture, there is another realm that you can learn to live in while being a material being of flesh and blood.  It is a place of peace and oneness with all that is.  The stillness practice…quieting your mind and relaxing your body…is fundamental to sit and savor life.  How often do you do this?  How much time each day do you spend to enjoy the beauty around and within you?


Each day, open your heart to life.  Let this year be the start of the blossoming of who you are as you spend time in the savoring of what is.  There is change and newness growing around you, my little ones!  Life is opening to you.  Open your hearts and sit in the depths of stillness.  The universe is waiting to respond to you…are you ready to listen?