February 2009

My beloved children of Urantia, this is your Father Michael.  I hold your world in the palm of my hand; you are safe in me.  Though your material existence is shaking underfoot, in your heart I am there.  Here is where you find your stability and comfort.  Go within, my children, during this time of change and make that connection with the greater reality of your heart.  I am there.


Yes, as your heart opens you will experience resistance and sometimes even pain.  Breathe into it.  Call upon your Mother Nebadonia as the Breath of Life and she will come into your resistance and expand it for you.  Learn to soften the inner resistance through your breath by calling upon your Mother.  The two go hand-in-hand, and you will benefit greatly from sensing her movement in you.  Learn the ways your Mother, little ones, as she provides the setting for you to receive me.  More and more, become acquainted with us as your Parents that we may support you more consciously through this time of change.


You are not alone and you do not have to go through life along, feeling abandoned or isolated.  There is hard-wiring in your hearts to connect with Spirit and NOW is the time for you to cast aside this feeling and delve more deeply into your hearts.  The universe is waiting for you, beloveds.  Come home to your heart and find all that you need.




Beloved children, this is your Mother Nebadonia who speaks!  I am your Mother in Spirit, and I am the universal womb that you exist in.  I give you life; there is a natural rhythm of life within your being.  Learning to trust this moves you into your heart center where this circuit connecting you to LIFE exists.  Trusting this momentum is part of your “job” as a human.  Trusting where this momentum is guiding you compels you to operate your thoughts in a different way than you are used to. 


You are being urged to train yourself to focus on your heart…to allow what is inside your heart center to teach you new ways about LIFE; about SPIRIT; about LOVE; about TRUTH.  Yes, your hearts contain much pain, my children, but beyond that is UNDERSTANDING and you can reach this by going into your heart and allowing it to open to you.


There is nothing to fear, little ones.  I am there.  Your Father is there.  We will disclose to you the insights you need to see the pain through new eyes…through love, compassion, forgiveness and mercy.  Train yourselves to focus on your heart, and everything you need for living abundantly, prosperously, and joyfully will come to you at its divinely appointed time!  Prepare yourselves to receive by holding the focus: “I allow my open to open.”  Know that you will be filled with SPIRIT.   



My children, this is your Father Michael.  Some of you know the sound of my voice beating within your heart.  Those who have heard me, know me and my love for you.  It is time now, my children, to open your hearts to your brothers and sisters who are so hungry and have not yet awakened to the call of Spirit within.  Help them access this place in them, beyond their pain, beyond their suffering.  Help them by coming to me and asking for my presence to enter into them.  I know where to go.  I know where to plant my love.  Offer me this time with your brothers and sisters, my children, and together we will heal the lost children of this world.  You have my commitment that I will be there when you call.  Envision me in your mind’s eye going right into that person’s heart and ask me to love them alive!








February 1, 2009



My little ones, this is your Mother Spirit Nebadonia who speaks!  So much is happening underneath your foundations these days of change and confusion.  You feel unsteady and insecure in your lives…how will you live?  How will you make ends meet?  How will you maintain your earthly existence when the institutions around you fall apart?  These are serious questions to ask yourselves these days, my children, and they bear scrutiny in your hearts in order to find the answers.


Listen to the sound of my voice within, for that is the rhythm of life and it will soothe your mind to allow the worries around you to fall away.   Listen to the sound of your heart beating and invite my presence into your body, and I will help you open to the security and stability you need during this time of change.  You will be fed with your Father’s strength and courage, patience and power.  You will learn how to maneuver through the transition of one age to the next and you will find new wellsprings of your creative gifts to carry you forward.


The inner life is beckoning you, beloved children!  Here is where you find your Spirit and the answers to meet the challenges of your outer material world.  Spend time with your Father Michael and me as your Divine Parents and we will help you open your heart to the ways of LOVE and LIGHT.  Your Spirit is ready to illuminate your mind; are you ready to open your heart?