April 2009

Beloved children, this is your Spirit Mother, and I greet you with the kiss of life upon your heart! There is an ever-renewing source of life flowing into you, my children, and you hold the key to how much you receive or deny. My kiss upon your heart sparks a seed to burst forth and receive the light of the Source of Life to reverberate within your core. Receive my kiss, and allow its catalyzing strength open you to the love that nurtures this seed. So much of what you need is simply allowing more kisses upon your heart to spark these new potentials of your soul into life. There is so much beauty within you, my beloveds, that it is safe to open yourself to your Father and me during this time of change, when so much around you is quaking and falling away. These kisses catalyze the new foundation of strength, courage, fortitude, patience, trust, forgiveness, compassion, mercy, tolerance, and peace into those places in your mind and body where an old debilitating language was dominating your thoughts and actions. Allow my sparkling kisses spark the new growth and lead you into the light of your Father’s love and the universe home that eagerly is waiting to welcome you!


My beloved children, this is Michael.  While I am your Spirit Father, I also am your human brother as I lived a life on your world as Jesus.  Look to me for support and guidance when your own efforts and understanding fail you.  I will share my mind with you and infuse you with a powerful energy that will stimulate your thoughts and move you in the right direction. 


Your mind is so structured that you can allow the thoughts of others to influence you, especially so when your heart is open.  In opening your heart to me, I can share with you the benefit of both my human life experience—how I handled situations of life that you are now encountering; and my divine guidance as your Spirit Father.  I invite you to come to me more during the day that I may offer you assistance to lighten your load, carry your cares and concerns.


Trust is essential for you to know that it is safe to open your heart to me.  Move beyond the wounded self of yesterday where memories of your human father and the fathers of prior generations may still be interfering with having a loving relationship with me.  Move toward me in your heart and I will feed you with the faith necessary for trust to bloom between us. 


As my child, I will share myself with you.  I will feed your mind with creative ideas to consider about your life situations, and I will nurture your hearts to become strong and courageous to meet the challenges you face.  You are not alone.   NOW is the time to allow your Spirit Father to share in your adventure to help you enjoy this journey with more enthusiasm and appreciation.



Happy Easter, my beloved children!  This is your Mother Spirit Nebadonia who speaks.  During this day of remembrance and celebration, I ask you to remember the meaning of Easter.  Beyond religious dogma and traditions, Easter is a time of renewal and rebirth.  It is a season for growing into LIFE and all that it has to offer!


Living inside your being are potentials of divinity that have been carefully seeded within your being by your Creator Source.  Allowing the energies of Easter to move through you via my breath of Life will create more light and life into your being that catalyzes those beautiful qualities of your divinity into being.  You become more godlike within and this presence is able to radiate outwardly, creating a magnetic energy that is contained within your heart centers. 


Even though the environment around you in your physical world contains pain and suffering, know that within your bodies is a great power that can transform you from the inside out.  Allow the resurrecting powers of Easter to move in you this day and feel my presence creating the light you need to nurture your soul.  Satisfy yourself in ME today, my children, and become the living vessels of LOVE to your brothers and sisters still enslaved by the world.  Allow your hearts to reflect my love and bask in the renewing energies of LIFE. 

My beloved children, this is your Father Michael.  When you arise each day, focus on your Spirit Within for a few moments and give thanks that you are ready to live another day; that you have many opportunities during the day to be of help to your brothers and sisters.  There are many ways you can show them love: a simple smile, a helpful hand with a chore, compassionate listening, and volunteering your time and efforts to social causes.  The opportunities for you to share your love are boundless…how you share love is your choice. 


As you shift your consciousness toward listening to your divine Inner Voice, you will notice that you become less self-centered and more attentive to the needs of others.  This discloses a great degree of growth; moving from the needs of the self to becoming more service-oriented, where you find more freedom in the Spirit.  This liberated state of mind will provide you with more joy and acceptance of life and help you face your daily existence with hope and faith.  This attitude keeps the flow of spiritual energy moving through you and affords you the grace of God to establish a deeper sense of belonging and to us as your Divine Parents.


Learn to trust in the goodness of unselfishness when it is motivated by mercy and compassion.  Lifting your heart in gratitude opens the path for LOVE to shine upon your heart to help you share this with others.  Life becomes more graceful and grace filled by simply carrying this love around you as you go about your day.  Others will sense this, and you will naturally be drawn to sharing your love in the small or large ways that intuitively feel right to you.