Beloved children, this is your Spirit Mother, and I greet you with the kiss of life upon your heart! There is an ever-renewing source of life flowing into you, my children, and you hold the key to how much you receive or deny. My kiss upon your heart sparks a seed to burst forth and receive the light of the Source of Life to reverberate within your core. Receive my kiss, and allow its catalyzing strength open you to the love that nurtures this seed. So much of what you need is simply allowing more kisses upon your heart to spark these new potentials of your soul into life. There is so much beauty within you, my beloveds, that it is safe to open yourself to your Father and me during this time of change, when so much around you is quaking and falling away. These kisses catalyze the new foundation of strength, courage, fortitude, patience, trust, forgiveness, compassion, mercy, tolerance, and peace into those places in your mind and body where an old debilitating language was dominating your thoughts and actions. Allow my sparkling kisses spark the new growth and lead you into the light of your Father’s love and the universe home that eagerly is waiting to welcome you!