May 2009

My children, this is your Spirit Mother who greets you with you!  Many hearts are light with gratitude today as millions celebrate Mother’s Day.  Yes, it is a time of celebration as my SPIRIT infuses this planet with love, compassion, forgiveness, mercy, understanding and peace.  I am the SPIRIT who brings the endowments of the CREATOR to your world.  I am the presence within your mind that can build your heart in your Creator-Father.  I am the LIFE FORCE within you animating your power of SELF.  Yes, my children, this is indeed a day to celebrate mothers worldwide as my presence bathes this world in divine radiance.


Notice how women are becoming more vocal in their ideas and in the ways of their workings.  A new dynamic is occurring on your world.  Look to your inspired sisters to see ME in action.  Look to your inspired brothers to see ME in action.  Both genders have ME living inside, and those who have their awakened hearts are learning my ways.  It is time to allow the MOTHER energies I share with you to overtake your hearts and heal your world.  All of your brothers need more of ME.  All of your sisters need to be empowered in ME.  All of you are learning the ways of LOVE through my heart’s love flowing through you, softening those places of resistance and building new pathways of LIGHT and LIFE.


Motherliness is a new order of life.  It is a way of being—a lifestyle—that you and your world urgently needs.  Open your hearts to the ways of the MOTHER, children, and find the love you have always wanted all your life.


My children, this is Michael. I am the Father of your universe, both inner and outer, and your Spirit Mother and I greet you into the larger reality of which you are an integral part. A new reality is being opened to you; you are gaining larger conceptual frames of reference of who you are and what you are to one another. Your emotions are heightening as you begin to enjoy one another more, instead of finding each other distasteful! How charming and beautiful you are all becoming!

During this season of change, do not fear the human-made institutions crumbling before you. There is a new foundation opening within your hearts and minds and you are being transformed internally…slowly but surely you are all being transformed. You also have command of this process of transformation by your willingness to participate with the action of Spirit within you; in alignment with the will of Spirit within you. While you may not fully appreciate nor understand Spirit’s action; a consecrated trust in it will fill you with what you need.

The journey into love unfolds with each decision to align in the will of that Higher Power within you that knows how to guide you to your lessons and destinations. Take time to savor these experiences of love and know that they are creating the new reality of godliness within you. Reflect with us, your Divine Parents, upon enjoyment and appreciation of these experiences and we will add something to you. We will infuse you with vitality and vigor for more love enriched experiences that keep you growing ever beautiful, ever spirit-like, ever divine!