June 2009

My beloved children, this is your Spirit Mother.  The power of the universe is coalescing within you.  There are many centers of spiritual power hard-wired into your being that are being opened by my Breath of Life living within you.  Take time out from your day to activate these internal power centers by focusing on your Divine Mother and asking me with the simplicity of a child’s faith-filled heart to activate these centers within you. 


You have so many internal reservoirs of power and might inside you, my children, many places of pure potential that require the activating spark of my Spirit to catalyze new areas of your creative expression.  Know that when you sit with me in my breath, you are creating that environment for my will to spark you and lead you in the direction of power and creation. Is this something you desire?


So many times your intellects will try to keep you in ideas of doubt or confusion; thoughts will emerge from your lower states of consciousness that will try to thwart your spiritual progression.  Shift your focus to your heart centers and ask your Divine Mother to move in you.  Ask for my presence in you to become magnified and activated.  When you do this, you invite the power of the universe to move in your behalf and lead you into creative new ways to think, feel, and respond.


Trust me, my children, as your loving MOM who only wants the best for you and allow those natural spiritual energies in you to carry you forward in the direction for your highest good and well being to prevail!



My children, this is your Father Michael.  Conflicts between people and belief systems will be around to challenge you for many years to come.  What is occurring at this time of planetary change is to help you understand that conflict is innate in the human struggle to attain divinity.  When you are in the midst of conflict, focus on me as your center and I will help you through the storm.

 Hold fast onto your thoughts of me as you ride this out, and then look back upon the conflict and ask yourselves these questions:

 What just happened?

Why did it happen?

What did I do to contribute to the conflict?

What was the other person’s role in the conflict?

What is the spiritual approach to resolution? 

 Spend time in stillness and allow the Spirit Within you to help sort out the truth so you can find more objectivity in what occurred.  This will take time and practice, yet if you can do this, you will find a deeper pool of understanding, compassion, and insight to add to your soul’s growth.

 This is a challenging time for humans of this world.  You are facing major conflicts in all areas of your life, yet there is resolution and finally peace.  Stay anchored in me and I will help you attain the resolution and peace you seek provided you take the necessary measures of self-responsibility to assure yourself growth and insight into any situation that has been painful.