July 2009

Beloved children, this is your Mother Nebadonia who speaks.  Many of you know the divine feminine presence of God is enfolding your world.  This is my presence gaining power and strength within the minds of those individuals who have awakened to the call of Spirit within.  I invite you into a personal relationship with me that you may know your Spirit Mother and gain more light and life into your being.

 Sit with me now, my chidren, sit and receive what I wish to share with you.  The Breath of Life courses through your body and renews your ability to live.  Sit in me and receive.  Breathe, relax, and ask your Mother to infuse you with my love.  Take a few moments to do this. 

 Energies of Spirit are colored by personality.  My energy presence in you has a particular essence that you can perceive and know.  It is something your being requires in order to grow strong and healthy as a child of the universe.  It will be uniquely perceived by each person, yet it will be something that unites you all in family.

 Come into my bosom, my precious ones, and receive the presence of the One in whom you live.  Come into my being and know that your Mother is loving you into Spirit-consciousness.   



My children, I call you home to your hearts.  Your place of peace is within your hearts, your places of sanctuary and rest.  Come home to your hearts, come home and rest in the Spirit that lives deep within your being.  Here is where you will find me, and I will comfort and strengthen you, fortifying you for your daily lifes’ challenges.  Come home!

 There is a Spirit of Truth that lives within your being, ever beckoning you to the higher principles and personalities that you have access to.  While the physical eyes of the body may not be able to distinguish these higher energy vibrations of Spirit, your heart can!  Allow your hearts to open gently and in faith, and a mighty vibrational change can come upon you, calibrating you to Me and what I wish to share with you.  Absorb these energy changes, my children, and grow in Spirit. 

 Remember to take time each day to sit in your heart centers and ask for the breath of life from your Mother Spirit to expand you into Me.  I am what you seek for the peace and comfort you desire.  I am what you need to help you become more stabilized in emotion, more clear in mind.  Allow me to resonate with you, and you will sense something larger than yourself moving within.  Do this every day and you will surely grow, gaining confidence in yourself as a child of divine love and be able to accept yourself more.  

 It is time to move beyond the confines of self-doubt and self-deprecation.  As you sit in your hearts, know that I can come to you, filling you with my love and liberating your heart to live and love more freely and in accordance with the ways of the universe in the mind of God. 


Beloved ones, my love and life energy is alive within you.  This is your Mother in Spirit and I am here to infuse you with vibrant and dynamic energies that help your heart sing with joy!  The song of life that is a part of your inheritance as our child can grow stronger and clearer within your mind with your expanded desire and passion to embrace yourself just as you are.  You are wonderful! Full self-acceptance paves the way for your creativity to blossom.    

 You all have such potential; you all have many wonderful abilities that were meant to be expressed throughout your life’s experiences.  You were not designed to sit back and watch idly as time passes by.  You are encouraged to go out into the world, be in the world and enjoy what life has to offer you.  So much of what you think that life offers you is in the material realm, but that is limiting, my children.  Expand your ideas about what life has to offer into the realm of developing more loving relationships with others, and you will find yourself truly come alive!

 LOVE is the nectar of life…the dynamic force within the animating energies of living substances.  When you are in loving relationships with your brothers and sisters, you drink deeply of love and become more love itself.  If you make this the goal of your outer life—to develop more loving relationships with your fellows—you will find what you seek and be engaged with life anew. 

 Cherish your loving relationships, my children. Cultivate new loving relationships as much as you can, and watch the magic happen!

My children, this is Michael, your Spirit Father.  As a father, I stand back and watch you live your lives, yet I am always available when you need help and call out for me.  Through my Spirit of Truth indwelling in the higher places of your mind are you connected to me.  This is a growing circuit that expands with your acquisition of spiritual insight and with the desire to become more Spirit like and conscious.  Take a few moments and ask me to stir within you; feel your desire for the bells of truth to ring more resoundingly within your being.

 Hold the idea that you want to become more truth-filled, more goodness endowed, and I will move in you.  Spiritual experiences are those times of inner growth wherein you sense there is something unique occurring within, even though you may be unable to put words on it.  Sit in your heart centers as you read these words and invite my presence, and that of your Mother Spirit, to move in you, beloveds.  Be in our peace.

 The divine attributes of myself are freely shared with you, my children.  Take what you need of me and grow, flourish and prosper as you become more of the LOVE you desire.