Beloved children, this is your Mother Nebadonia who speaks.  Many of you know the divine feminine presence of God is enfolding your world.  This is my presence gaining power and strength within the minds of those individuals who have awakened to the call of Spirit within.  I invite you into a personal relationship with me that you may know your Spirit Mother and gain more light and life into your being.

 Sit with me now, my chidren, sit and receive what I wish to share with you.  The Breath of Life courses through your body and renews your ability to live.  Sit in me and receive.  Breathe, relax, and ask your Mother to infuse you with my love.  Take a few moments to do this. 

 Energies of Spirit are colored by personality.  My energy presence in you has a particular essence that you can perceive and know.  It is something your being requires in order to grow strong and healthy as a child of the universe.  It will be uniquely perceived by each person, yet it will be something that unites you all in family.

 Come into my bosom, my precious ones, and receive the presence of the One in whom you live.  Come into my being and know that your Mother is loving you into Spirit-consciousness.