August 2009

Dear children, this is your Father Michael. As new spiritual circuitry comes into your being, know that you are growing in your capacity to love and to learn. The universe beckons you into a greater understanding of who you are as children of divinity…what that means for your life and for your development as children ascending into the light.

There is a fullness of self-awareness that you can perceive: worth, value, acceptance, approval, understanding. These are the qualities of self perception that you have a right to experience, and you are gaining strength in your ability to feel this. Know that I as your divine father will help you achieve these levels of self awareness when you come to me and allow yourself to imprint upon me.

It is time to become the masters of your life, children, and to know yourselves more thoroughly. Trust in your Mother and me to help you achieve this, and know that the way is being prepared in you to sense the light of Spirit that ever beckons you inward to the greatness you have living within.


My little children of Urantia, this is your Mother Spirit who speaks! Your world is emerging from generations and epochs of time from a great separation from the heavenly realms. Your hearts are opening to a great truth that springs forth from the ashes of deception that has been perpetuated through the ages. The “so called” fall of humanity was not brought about by humans, but by beings of light who abused their spiritual privileges and brought chaos into the divine plan for this planet. Now you are in the early stages of building a new planetary culture reflecting the universe principles that govern the cosmos.

As your Mother of the universe in which you live, I invite you to participate in the great unfolding now making an indelible mark upon the world. Your world, known as “Urantia” in the cosmic registries is part of massive rehabilitation plan to bring light and life to many worlds that fell to the beings of light who governed the section of the universe you inhabit. You are participating in the great spiritual renaissance that will alter not only your planet, but the very center of the universe. Rejoice! Celebrate! The time you have long awaited is here!

How you may participate is entirely up to you, as you become more attuned to the spiritual energy and guides who are here to help you find out more about your abilities to serve and love your brothers and sisters. Each one of my children of this planet has unique abilities—a personality that is original and destined to participate in this great awakening if one so chooses. Your Father Michael and I are here to help you discover more of who you are, and to guide your life into new opportunities to make a change for the better. Some of you are destined for greatness; some of you may have a smaller impact, but all of you have the opportunity to choose how much you want to participate. All efforts are equally loved, cherished and welcome.

Remember to attune yourself to the voice of Spirit within your hearts each day, my children. This is your bond to the energies of life and light that will heal your world. We are here to help you, but it is through your efforts that change will occur. Change is in the air. Breathe deeply and allow its energy to move you forward to bringing heaven to this little jeweled sphere nestled in my womb.

My children, this is your Father in Spirit. While your world grows in spirit luminosity, know that you have certain responsibilities to this energetic presence of Truth, Goodness, and Beauty. You are responsible to receive in your own hearts this presence of LOVE, and to allow its presence within you to grow and become the most powerful force within your being.

How open you are to this presence is up to you, my children. I, as your Creator Father, make this available to you to use for your healing and upliftment. It is your choice whether or not to receive it; whether or not you want it. The time is upon your world whether or not to embrace what is being provided to you. Many hungry hearts know not the simplicity of going within to receive their divine birthright—to experience that all pervading sense of loving acceptance as my child.

So, it becomes a matter of encouraging those of you who do have open hearts to open them ever wider and deeper and to receive a love that renews itself with the more you give. Give this love to your starving brothers and sisters. Imbibe deeply of my Spirit Presence that I may continue to renew you as you give out to others through the magnetic presence in your heart that draws people to you for refreshment. Allow yourself to become more responsible and responsive to receiving LOVE.

Love as I love, my children, give as I give, share as I share, and you will have provided yourself an ever renewing wellspring of all of the LOVE you need to find security, happiness and joy that LIFE can bring to you.

Beloved children, greetings from your Mother in Spirit! Yes, children, you are loved…you are a part of my universe though you live on the fringes of my domain. Carefully and patiently are your minds being adapted to the higher ideas of universe principles, that which you might call divine law. You are being drawn into the circles of light that are a part of my being; the call of Spirit within is drawing you inward to perceive the light within your heart where peace and joy reign supreme.

My universal presence is gaining strength within your minds. While you may call this spiritual expansion whatever you like, understand that it is the drawing power of my love connecting you to the light that is your birthright to enjoy. There are many new places of light opening in your being. This light casts its luminosity on the dark places within your mind and body, assisting you to see yourselves in a new way, without the stigma of guilt, shame and unworthiness that has long plagued you. Do not be afraid to allow the light to pierce through the lies living in your being, my children. I am here to dry your tears and give you a new understanding—to help you see yourselves as I see you. I will give you the insights to see yourselves as I understand you and love you. Love yourselves as I love you, and be healed.

As your light grows, it will emanate from your beings and radiate new energies that make you highly attractive to your brothers and sisters. You will be helping them receive what they need simply by your being the light you are. Allow the light to fully penetrate you inside and out. Allow my presence within you to grow as you sit in the presence of your Divine Mother, my children, and know that all things within and without you are becoming new.

My children, this is your Father.  I am Michael of Nebadon and I am your Divine Father.  Many of you know me as Archangel Michael or Jesus.  What I wish for you to perceive is that I am alive and live in your heart.  There is a circuit binding us together, and it is the act of centering your focus in your heart where you will find me, whatever the depiction of me you have.

 What matters most to me is that I yearn for an intimate personal relationship with you.  I can guide you, my children, through this troubling time your planet is now undergoing.  I can provide the stable foundation of love, peace, understanding, and forgiveness that you need to make sense of the changes you see right before your eyes.  I can offer you an expanded perspective to help you recognize that the changes your world is struggling to embrace are what the heavenly realms wish for you and will bring about a better way of living for all this planet’s inhabitants.

 Come to me, focus in your hearts and ask for my presence to fill you.  Whatever concept you have of me is fine.  I will meet you where you are and gently guide you into a loving relationship that banishes fear, enhances courage, builds self-confidence and acceptance.  After all, you are my children, and you live within my universe home. 

 Come home to your hearts, my beloveds.  Sit and breathe while I fill you with what you need; sense that place that secures your safety and serenity.  Come home to your hearts and live in LOVE.