Dear children, this is your Father Michael. As new spiritual circuitry comes into your being, know that you are growing in your capacity to love and to learn. The universe beckons you into a greater understanding of who you are as children of divinity…what that means for your life and for your development as children ascending into the light.

There is a fullness of self-awareness that you can perceive: worth, value, acceptance, approval, understanding. These are the qualities of self perception that you have a right to experience, and you are gaining strength in your ability to feel this. Know that I as your divine father will help you achieve these levels of self awareness when you come to me and allow yourself to imprint upon me.

It is time to become the masters of your life, children, and to know yourselves more thoroughly. Trust in your Mother and me to help you achieve this, and know that the way is being prepared in you to sense the light of Spirit that ever beckons you inward to the greatness you have living within.