September 2009

Beloved children, this is your Mother Spirit who holds you close in my heart. Be uplifted in your hearts knowing that the life energies of my presence are cleansing your minds of fear and confusion. Stand in the assurance that your lives are sacred offerings of creativity and joy to your world and to the universe. Stand proud in the dignity of your true natures of divine children of the Creator of ALL, and allow the feelings to swell within your hearts and bodies.

Little children though you may be in the eternal sense, you have important roles to play in the unfolding of LIFE. It is up to you to make use of the gifts you have been given…to come to understand and know your innermost workings of consciousness. You are learning to become the co-creators with your Indwelling Spirits of a new way of living…one that liberates you to express yourselves in abundance, joy, peace, and fulfillment.

Rejoice, my children, in who and what you are. Play, create, and serve in the universe that is your home. Your Father and I support you and provide many heavenly helpers to assist you in this new approach to life. Remember to spend time making contact within with your helpers, and trust that your lives are becoming more blessed each day as you grow in the womb of my being!


My children, this is your Father Michael. Spiritual renewal is ever yours to enjoy as you focus your attention on becoming God-like. There is an inner pilot within the higher places of your consciousness where the divine guide waits for you to ask this question: How do I become like you? The human will attunes to this intention and the divine will begins to operate and assist your mind to receive the information you seek that you may indeed embody more Spirit-like qualities.

Practicing quieting your mind, that a stilled receptive environment is created will bring you into this awareness. It grows, deepening and broadening your consciousness to perceive a greater reality about who you are, who and what God is, and what the universe wishes to share with you.

The way is open and the path is clear when you go within and seek. Here is where all things good, beautiful and true can be added to you. Allow your internal path to unfold before you and walk refreshed, renewed and joyful on the road to SPIRIT!

Beloved children, I am your Divine Mother, the one in whose universe womb you live and breathe. I labor with you in the fields of physicality. I share in your experiences as you think and feel your way through life. I am with you in all things, and you are never away from my heart. Take time to rest in me, my beloveds, and feel your Mother.

The spirit presences in you are calling you home to that place in your heart where you experience divinity. This is your true center, your domicile of peace and compassion. Allow yourselves to rest from your labors of life; allow yourselves to refresh and nourish your souls so you may return to the fields of life vibrantly strong and valiantly courageous. Drink deeply of my presence and know that your own capacity for spiritual reception is growing.

There is a spark of eternal life that dwells within your minds and is ready to accompany you in the fields of life where the labor is intense and edifying. You give this part of yourself power when you rest in me and open yourselves up what your Father and I wish to feed into you. Receive your nourishment, my children, and become who you are destined!