October 2009

My children, I am your Universe Mother. I have been known throughout the ages by many names by the children of this world through their various religious traditions and practices. Yet through all of this I would be known as the great Unifier and Harmonizer of humanity. In me lies a power presence that you can come and experience to make you more loving and tolerant of your brothers and sisters who differ from you. The diversity of this world’s cultures has been created to stimulate personal relationships and to expand your awareness into the vastness and variety of creation. You were not created to be all alike in all aspects.

Now that your planet’s intra-communications methods are weaving you closer in contact, allow yourselves to be woven closer together in your hearts. You all share the same basic endowments of humanity and the desires of your hearts are similar notwithstanding the ways you may express them through the various languages and cultures. You are designed to evolve into peaceful, tolerant, patient, compassionate, liberated sons and daughters of a high destiny. It is time to recognize your basic humanity that all may grow and truly be unified as one in the Spirit.

Come to me as your Mother Unifier and Harmonizer and allow me to weave you in that language of love that brings you closer to loving your brothers and sisters in ONENESS. Drink deeply of this word, my beloveds, and ask me to grow you in your ability to think, feel and act with the love that binds all things together in creation and beauty.


My beloved children, this is your Father. I am Michael, and I am known throughout the universe as the creator of this wonderful domain that you and I inhabit together. With my Spirit Consort, your Divine Mother Nebadonia, we are the co-creative unit that leaves the eternal realms of creation to venture into time and space, creating our own home wherein many children of various orders and personality types are born, raised, live and journey. You are a part of this vast organism of the universe; here is where you will live for many ages to come as you become more spiritually oriented to the creation we all share.

It is my desire as your Creator-Father for you to come into a fullness of your origin and destiny. Your world has been quarantined from the rest of the universe for many years, yet you were always loved, wanted, and cherished. The spiritual circuits of your individual beings were always open to us, yet you knew us not because of the ways of men who wanted to keep you separated from us. This was a power struggle that perpetuated many lies about your nature and fostered religious dissention and disharmony among the peoples of this world.

Yet, now this is all being resolved. You, my children, of this world are awakening to the true calls of your hearts, and herein is where you will find what was once missing. Open to this Spirit of Truth within your beings, my beloveds, and find the missing links that will fill you with hope, joy, forgiveness, compassion, peace and love. Now is the time to reconnect, dear ones, and reclaim your divine inheritance.

My beloveds, this is your Mother Nebadonia who speaks! Creation is the expression of Spirit through God seeking children to bring new meanings of relationships into the world. As co-creators in the unfolding of the evolutionary universe, you are given many potentials to bring forth from your personalities to create a more beautiful and noble culture.

Some of your less spiritually aware brothers and sisters do not understand this powerful potential and so they squander their precious gifts unknowingly and for self centered purposes. You, as my awakened children, are enjoying an awareness that life is to be explored and manifested through your creative processes in the ways you wish to express yourselves. In so doing you will find great joy!

Now more than ever, your potential to create a world where peace and love are the modus operandi is bursting forth from your hearts. Use this heart energy, my children, as it is the voice of Spirit within that wants to be expressed throughout. Know that you only have to allow your heart to sing and the creative forces within will indeed express themselves to your delight, fulfillment, and amazement at what a humble human mind can offer to the universe!

Create in my joy!

My children, this is your Father Michael. The place within your being that secretes love and peace is part of your divine birthright to experience. This portal expands as you increasingly spend your thought energy on positive ideas, healthy concepts. The conditions of your physical bodies can be changed and healed through the powerful thoughts you create for yourselves throughout your day. The body responds to what the mind dictates.

Controlling your minds is the challenge of human existence. I learned how to control mine as I walked on your world as Jesus. I invite you to come to me to learn how I mastered this that you too may become increasingly more aware how to use your consciousness effectively and productively.

As your world opens to more spiritual truth and light, it will become ever more apparent to you that thinking positively is what will keep you in a state of grace with Spirit and the energies of love. Stay focused on the good and what is beautiful if you want to experience more love and peace throughout your day. Know that as you learn to control your thoughts you will become more powerful creators of your own destinies and gain more mastery of all aspects of your life!