December 2009

Beloved children, this is your Father Michael. Nestled away in the deepest places of your consciousness is your divine connection—that living spark of God awaiting you to enter into intimate and loving communion. As you begin a new year of growth and change, I invite you to focus on your indwelling Light of God within and ask me to radiate my essence into you to help you draw closer to this light.

This light of God within is your place of comfort and security; it discloses what is true and right to you. You intuit this presence of God within from a different mental vantage point…it is your faith that deepens your connection and allows your mind to elevate to the higher levels of consciousness. Faith, living trust in the presence of God within builds the structures of cosmic consciousness.

As your Universe Father, I will help you access this living LIGHT within. Ask me to sit with you in the quietness of your heart and ask me to radiate my love for you into you. Trust that this love will grow within your heart and help you connect with your own fragment of God living within, and that you will continue to be guided by the light of LOVE from the inside out!

Trust in this, my beloveds, and make 2010 the year you blossom in our Creator’s LOVE!


My children, this is your Universe Mother. Draw into the light, beloveds; let yourselves come into the light of truth and joy. This light is your divine birthright—it establishes a new inner reality within your being, vibrating into the very depths and core. Sit in the intention for your being to receive and be filled with light and I will move in you.

LIGHT—joyous and radiant is growing a new inner reality. It heals, refines, strengthens what is true and good, and quells fear. LIGHT is the presence of living love within your being and its luminosity warms you from the inside out. Yes, my children, you are truly are radiant beings and as you become more of this light increasingly will you come into an understanding of the natural sharing that this light yields in relationship with others.

As you celebrate the birth of Jesus on your world, remember that he was a living light among you, and turn to him to ask him to help you absorb the light that you have access to. Turn the tide of your world, my children, to the light and watch what the majesty of love can do.

Beloved children, this is your Father Michael. As you prepare to celebrate the season of light on your world, remember that you are all composed of this light. This is a divine light that lives within your mind dwelling in those places of consciousness accessible by clean living, clear thinking, and altruistic feelings.

Remember that this light is your divine birthright and that you can grow in its beauty and radiance through your thoughts, words and actions. Little by little you grow this light each and every day, until you are ablaze with the purity of the light that emanates from your hearts. Remember this well, my children, as you celebrate in the coming days the gift of the light that once dwelled on your world.

My children, this is your Universe Mother Nebadonia. I greet you with my motherly affection and devotion, and I invite you to open your minds and hearts to the mothering you need deep in your cells to help you during these transition times on your world.

What is mothering…true mothering? It is a quality of being cared for, for your physical needs being provided, for your emotional needs to be nurtured, for your security to be safeguarded, and for you to have an appropriate place to grow, learn and flourish. This is what I am to you. I am the universe environment in which you live. My domain is not only outside of you, but within where you begin to sense the dimension of SPIRIT that ever replenishes your basic needs. Breathe in my life force, my beloveds, and become more accustomed to being mothered.

You are not so old or mature that you do not need mothering. As budding universe citizens, you are just coming into the awareness of what it means to be truly alive and partaking of the joys of creation. You still require much mothering to orient yourselves to this new way of being—this new life that is now taking shape on your world.

Allow me to continue to mother you in the ways you need. You only have to turn your attention to me and say, “Mother, I am here…fill me with your Spirit presence and feed me.” I will embrace you and help you grow strong with the information you need during these times of planetary change. Remember to do this many times during the day to ensure you stay nourished in Spirit—in love, in peace, in compassion, in strength, and know that it is your Mother of the universe who is singing her love songs in your being!