January 2010

My beloved children, this is your Universe Mother Nebadonia. Many of you know me by different names…Mother Mary, Goddess, Gaia, Mother Earth. These are all pseudonyms for my being and my essence. I invite all my children of this world to come into my universe womb and to become more familiar with my heart beat and my being. I invite you to come to know me as your Divine Mother, and the one in whom you live and breathe.

The life force essence is mine to share with you, my children, it is my gift to you that you would consciously know who and what you are as divine children of evolution. You are on a journey to a place of eternal beauty and perfection, and you will be traveling to places beyond your imagination to achieve the glory that has been seeded inside you long ago.

As these words settle into your minds, allow your hearts to grasp a deeper meaning and essence of my being within you. How deep you go into ME is up to you! There is no limit, only the barriers you impose upon yourself or the subconscious barriers your body has absorbed from your culture that has been separated from knowing me. Release them. Come to me, and know your Mother, and you will find the place where you are truly safe and loved at home!


My children, this is your Father Michael. Beloved ones, I come to you today, not as your universe father, but as your brother Jesus who lived a human life on your world just as you are living today. I share this experience with you. I drank the cup of human sorrow as I went about trying to understand the human experience. I am here to tell you today, to put down this cup and drink deeply of the joy and creative power that you have as children of God.

One of the most thrilling experiences of my life was to trust in the overcontrol of the universe and the unfolding of the divine plan of the Creator. I came to an understanding that life is meant to be experienced fully—the range of feelings to explore and to learn how to increasingly view life with the eye of Spirit. I learned to overcome my own cultural imprinting and to see that the ways of God were beyond what humans had conceived. I learned to trust in my Divine Father—in his goodness, his mercy, his love and his wisdom. Today, I share with you what I have learned, and ask you to come to me that I may indeed give you the benefit of my experience in an intimate relationship.

Come to me, sit in the stillness of your mind, in the intention of your heart to receive me as Jesus—your elder brother. I will respond and answer the questions long pressing on your mind and heart. Together we will explore the joys, the challenges, and the triumphs of being human, and you will receive a gift of wisdom that is mine to share with you.

My children, this is your Universe Mother Nebadonia. As children in my universe you will find that as you grow in comprehension of universe principles and divine will that you carry certain potentials of creative self expression within your innermost being. Once you become aware of this potential LIFE takes a different turn, as you are now living in the flow of creative LOVE where you have infinite possibilities to bring your heart’s desires into manifestation in physical reality.

You, humans of this world, are beginning to comprehend the majesty and grandeur of this concept. You are awakening to your own inner God power, and you are learning how to function within divine will. It is your Father’s and my desire that you would embrace this fully…coming into the wholeness of your divine inheritance and live accordingly each day to these holy principles which make life sacred, unified, joyful and love-dominated.

Increasingly in your hearts say “YES” to this understanding. Say “YES” with courage and conviction and spend time affirming this in your hearts. Little by little you will draw into the power of LOVE that transforms you from the inside out and radiates LOVE to where you put your intention and focus. Become who you are truly meant to BE, and we will celebrate with you that our divine children are manifesting their truth, beauty and goodness here on earth.

My beloved children, I am Michael. As your Universe Father, it is my responsibility to ensure that my children have access to me. Within your mind is a direct link to me via the Spirit of Truth. This spirit circuit connects us and conveys my love to you, my presence to you—a closeness and intimacy that is unique to you and your needs. Whenever you need help, support, or guidance, call upon me, and I will be there through this spiritual connection.

As a conveyor of TRUTH, this spirit circuit discloses information to you that is vital to your well being. It helps you discern what is real and true from that which is false or error-prone. You can use this spiritual circuit when in doubt to help you intuit the right path to take…you can ask me to show a perception of reality that will disclose to your mind a better understanding of a problem you are facing, a life situation that you are not sure how to handle.

It is my desire that my children come into a more meaningful relationship with me. I am here in your mind via this Spirit of Truth. Focus on your heart, sense a desire to connect with your own inner Spirit of Truth, and allow my presence to radiate in you and illuminate your being with my love and peace.

My children of LIGHT, this is your Mother Nebadonia! You are radiant LIGHT at the core of your being as the Indwelling Spirit of the Creator lives within you. You have access to this light as you increasingly turn your attention and focus inwardly and learn to quiet the currents of thoughts running through your mind.

Now as spiritual LIGHT bathes your world, upstepping your ability to connect with light, your bodies are adjusting to the circuitry that will help you become more peaceful and peace seeking, more loving and altruistically oriented. Know that all of this is what we have intended for you to help you heal yourselves and your world. Grow in LIGHT, my children, and you shall flourish in more of your divine nature.

The co-creative relationship you have with your Indwelling Spirit will help you understand cosmic principles and divine ways that are infused within the LIGHT. As you learn these new concepts you will increasingly become enamored of following the will of your Spirit as you trust that it comes from your Creator-Source Parent. Going within to make contact with your Spirit, therefore, is of the highest priority for your lives at this time. Ensure that you spend the time you need in the stillness to enable the LIGHT to reach you and for the WILL of Spirit to guide you.

Know that all you need to live successfully is contained within, my beloveds, and grow, grow, grow a little more each day in the LIGHT!