February 2010

My children, this is your Mother Nebadonia…your Universe Creative Spirit! The universal mind you share with me entitles you to receive a bounty and wealth of information. This occurs over the network of sensory mechanisms of your body and mind and discloses new ideas and concepts to add to your evolving cosmic frame of reference. Therefore, you can never stop learning and aligning your perspectives to what is available to you in the great universe we all share.

As your planet undergoes more vital change, you will notice how your perspective shifts—ideas you once never ever considered will seem like second nature. It is that your minds are all being upgraded to capture these new idea-thought sparks that are a part of my being, and to help you understand the workings of reality, far beyond what your planetary culture conceived heretofore.

Sit in my presence, my beloved children, sit with your Mother, and allow me to expand your consciousness through my Breath of Life. Your abilities to retain more information and to sort through the errors of the past to glean the truth will be easier for you to assimilate when you spend some time each with me. Know that I take great delight in all of my children as they come to me and grow strong and capable as universe citizens. Trust that I will help you find those places within where you need my life sparks to plant the new ideas as seeds that will bring wonderful new information to your mind and hearts, and speak deeply the words of LOVE into your souls.


Beloved children, this is your Father Michael. As your hearts open to the universal energy of your wonderful Divine Mother, Nebadonia, let go of the ideas you have so long held within your minds as what you have learned from your culture. There is a new cultural mindset coming in your world—one that discloses information from the universe, from which you have been long shielded. This information will liberate your minds and hearts with new concepts—expansive ideas about who you are and your place in my universe home.

These concepts represent the ideals that come from your very Divine Source of all LIFE, sacred and beautiful. There are many thrilling and awe-inspiring ideas that your minds will feed upon as you increasingly let go of what your planetary culture has taught you. Open your hearts to me, my children, and I will resonate within your Spirits of Truth to help you shift from the old ideas to the universal concepts you need now. Come to me as your Father and I will feed you with my attributes of mercy, compassion, forgiveness, tolerance, patience, peace and love to make your transition into the universe culture more graceful and grace-filled.

The time is now to open yourselves and to truly live in the universe that loves and supports you always and in all ways!

My children, this is your Mother Nebadonia. Today as you celebrate the day of love, allow its energy to take root deep into your beings and connect you more securely to the power of the universe—LOVE. This power is still so largely untapped in your beings, yet you are learning about the principles that move it out into the world for manifestation. Draw into my being that I may encircuit you in my expansive nature and grow you in your ability to BE LOVE.

This inner approach to feeding upon and receive LOVE will replenish your power source. You experience a more natural inclination to express LOVE outwardly. Your attitude toward life improves and becomes more radiantly joyful, and all of this is my desire for you. Will you desire this for yourselves? Come to me, then and feed upon your Mother.

Breathe and relax as you call upon me know. Know your Mother deep inside your beings, opening and expanding you into the LOVE-LIFE force that is the power of the universe. Feed upon me, my beloveds, and use this love to change yourselves and to help in the transformation of your world.

Beloved children, this is your Father Michael. Hope is all around you! This mighty spiritual attitude fosters a sense of self-confidence and creativity. It provides that internal environment in your minds and emotions to open the door to new ways to look at reality and stimulates the creative flow for innovations to manifest.

See more of this transition time on your world as the TIME OF HOPE. Feed upon these words and allow the energies of HOPE to become more infused within your beings. Allow me to seed these energies into you. I will help you see your challenges through the eyes of hope, with the heart of hope, with the mindset of hopefulness. Let this become a more dynamic reality deep within your being.

As your shift your perspectives toward this language that brings renewal and rebirth, gain strength in what it can manifest in your life. Hope is the eternal spring that you have immediate access to by your continued focus and fervent desires for this time of transition. Remain hope-filled and infused, and watch how you are able to manifest new insights and changes in your inner and outer lives.