March 2010

My children, this is your Mother Nebadonia. Your bodies are wondrous vessels to receive information. There are various places in your being that capture information; you receive ideas from your internal connections to universe consciousness and externally from the consciousness of your planetary culture. During this time of planetary transformation, it is exceedingly vital to shift from the way you perceive from your outer planetary environment to your internal universal environment. It is within where you have infinite possibilities to learn and grow in understanding reality from what the universe wishes to teach. It is within where your answers will derive and where you will experience the peace and stability that anchors you throughout these times of change.

As your Mother and as the source of universe consciousness, I invite you to come to me in personal relationship to experience that expansiveness of energy that I infuse into your being. This infusion allows you the space to grow in conceptual understanding of your frame of reference…it prepares you to see through the eyes of spirit and gives you more lightness of being within that fills you with peace and security. It fosters your ability to relax in body and trust in my love as the driving force of consciousness. It heightens your ability to be in the flow of LIFE.

Come to me in your thoughtful intention. Say within your heart, “Mother, I am here, speak to me. Fill me with your presence.” I will respond. It is this simple request that opens the door for you to be filled with my Breath of Spirit that renews, refreshes and replenishes. Develop this habit each day, my children, and know that your Divine Mother is holding you safe in my womb and helping you achieve that greatness that is your destiny as children of God.


Beloved children of my bestowal world, this is your Father Michael. I was once incarnated on this sphere…I lived as a human having many of the same experiences are you are now enjoying. Life has not changed so much in 2000 years although you have many modern conveniences that were not around during my sojourn here. Nevertheless, human nature has not changed and those day to day encounters with your brothers and sisters are the same ones that I dealt with as I learned how to enjoy being fully human.

I call on you today to come to me as your elder brother Jesus and to elicit my frame of reference in dealing with humanity. Allow me to help you see and experience your brethren as I learned to love them, appreciate them, see the presence of God within them. I can help you deepen your love for your fellow humans and take you into a realm of understanding that will give you more compassion and peace. It is time to let go of your frustrations with your fellows and begin to see them more as children who are still so very young spiritually.

Bring me your perspectives and feelings about those with whom you interact each day. I will share with you another outlook on their lives. I will add my love into your understanding. I will give you my peace of mind about them. Release the burdens you carry about them and appreciate them as I did.

In this way, you will find life to be more enjoyable, simpler, and take on a color and texture of joy that the human heart desires. Come to me in this way, my beloved children, and feast upon the goodness of humanity!

My children, this is your Universe Mother. I am the life force within your being, and my love permeates you through and through. As you focus on ME in you, ask for our relationship to deepen, to expand. This is the realm of your consciousness, and you are ever growing in it; learning new concepts of universe principles and divine action.

Sit in your heart center and focus on your intention to be ONE with your Universe Mother. I will speak to you. I will uplift your minds to a higher realm where you have access to the spiritual energy your beings need at this time of planetary change. Grow strong, beloved ones, and trust that there is a divine personality in your every cell who loves you and wants you to become all that you can as a child of the universe!

Message for the Heart – March 7, 2010

Beloved children, this is your Father Michael. Come into your hearts as you read these words: BE STILL. KNOW I AM GOD. This is your opportunity to reflect the godliness that you ARE. It is an opportunity to sense your divine birthright and inheritance as a child of the living Creator of all there is. It is in your heart that you will sense these affirmations of live and love. Sit in your heart and allow these words to radiate and pulsate throughout your being.

Connecting to Spirit is this simple, my beloveds. Allow your days and thoughts to become more simple in structure, more focused in form. The Godly presence within your being knows what to do. Trustingly let go into this energy and allow a new awareness to move you out into the world. Life becomes more joyful and easy. It all begins with this simple phrase…BE STILL…KNOW I AM GOD. Everything and all good can be built upon it. Let it be your soul’s foundation, and be in my peace!