May 2010

My children, this is your Father Michael. Believe in yourselves. Believe in the goodness of your innate beings. Believe in the kindnesses you demonstrate to others each day. Believe in the desires of your hearts. Believe that you are gaining confidence in who you are. Believe! This level of belief is related to Spirit—and the place where you find that inner wellspring of divine guidance ever available to you. It is up to you to first believe in yourselves as children of a living, loving Creator who wants you to live life fully and abundantly.

You have all of the answers you need to bring a new level of understanding into your awareness. The beliefs you are amassing through my Spirit of Truth about who you are and the nature of reality are designed to make you stronger and more beautiful. These beliefs then become a soul possession and actually create a different energy within your being that you emit to others—a spiritual fragrance that attracts others to you.

When you believe in yourselves, all you need to grow and transform comes to you. You activate that Divine Source within that wants to share and collaborate with you in the unfolding of your life. Believe, my children, and know that you are truly radiant beings in living in the LOVE of GOD.


My children, this is your Mother Nebadonia. Shedding the past entails trust in what you are changing into. There is a mystery unfolding within your beings that will delight you as you increasingly let go of your current self concepts and step more into the mystery of becoming. This is a delightful experience that will stretch your imaginations, expand you beyond your limitations, and deepen your awareness of who you truly are as children of the living Creators.

It is not important that you see the final picture or the goal of attainment. That will reveal itself in time. The essential ingredient in becoming is faith and a simplicity of mindedness—a heart felt desire to trust in the goodness of spirit that you will increasingly be led into the divine plan of perfection attainment. How that will manifest in both your inner and outer lives is something you can delight in and look forward to seeing each and every day. We, as your Spirit Parents, desire that you find joy and celebration in your lives and behold the beauty in the process of harmonizing your human selves with your inner divinity.

Trust in what is unfolding in you each day, and allow us as your Parents to feed you with new feelings and ideas of who you are. Sit with us, reveal all of your secrets to us, my children, and let them be expressed through your soul. We already know what they are, but in sharing them with us they take on a new dimension. From that perspective you will gain more insight into the mysteries of becoming and be able to let go in faith into the wonders of creation.

Dear children, this is your Father Michael, and I greet you tenderly with my message of hopefulness. Hope is growing a new reality within your hearts as your world begins to turn a corner in its evolutionary status in the universe. You truly are returning to the fold, and it is this energy of being brought back home that is triggering your thoughts of hope and optimism. Yes, your world will need to undergo some very vigorous changes as you turn this corner, but know that in your hearts you are turning in the right direction. Hope for the best and trust in your Mother and me!

Allow this word HOPE to gain more strength within your minds and hearts. Sit in this word and your Mother and I will move in you. We are here to support your efforts as you serve in various ways of planetary transformation so fuel yourselves on this word to keep you going strong when you see your brothers and sisters despair at how their world seems to be crumbling around them. Share your hope with them…help them to see these changes as the pathway to a better life!

Come to us now and allow Mother’s Breath of Life to fill you. Allow me to build you in this word—this living language of promise. Allow your bodies to be replenished in HOPE. Live in this word every day and know that you take it with you to the greater world to inspire your brethren to help them see the transformation of this world!

My children, this is your Universe Mother Nebadonia. The growing seeds of conscious awareness of the Spirit Reality within you are taking form. More and more my children are awakening to the presence of God—their Divine Selves and listening to that inner voice. Your Father Michael and I have created a wonderful playground for you to inhabit, and it is in this realm where you take your first steps towards cosmic consciousness. The journey towards this is directed by your Indwelling Spirit—God dwelling in the hidden recesses of your higher mind, waiting for YOU to open the door and ask to be led down this path.

So few humans have embarked upon this path because the journey requires you to take an inner journey, and the mind is currently outwardly directed and influenced. The mind balks at going within, the body is restless because of how you have been trained to use your consciousness. Yet, you can find the peace and comfort, information and wisdom you seek by turning your mind inward and trusting that there are spiritual presences within you that will actually help you make this adjustment. But you must TRUST…that is the key element.

Come to me, my beloveds, and ask me, as your Universe Mother, to help you tune to the Spirit Within. You will sense a rush of energy, an expansiveness, a tingling. This is me in you, opening the door to your Spirit. As you feel this, simply say, “God, I am here…speak to me please, and tell me what I need to learn.” Then wait and listen with your heart. As you practice quieting your mind each day by asking me to open the door will you increasingly intuit that there is something extra in you wanting to express something original, good, beautiful and true to your heart. Trust in this process, my children, and grow into the center of your own Christ consciousness.

My beloveds, this is your Father Michael. The sacredness of your humanity is by design. Your bodies were designed to resonate with spiritual energy and to be nourished by it. However, there are forces that conspire to separate from your divine natures, and it is my delight to help you reclaim that which is truly yours to enjoy. The unity of spirit and physical matter is part of the divine plan of evolution, and it was created in great love, compassion, and joy. Allow yourselves to center on the awareness that your bodies are sacred vessels of LOVE and allow me to move in you.

Focus on the idea that your bodies are the instruments for God to experience life. Envision the affirmation: I AM GOD IN MY BODY over your heart centers. Ask me to come into your being and to build this energy presence in you. Ask your Mother Nebadonia to weave this into your physical cells. Relax and trust us to take care of you. Put yourselves in our hands and allow spirit to renew you.

Sit in this affirmation every day, my children, and build yourselves in the faith awareness that you are growing in your own center of Christ consciousness, becoming fully whole: God and humanity conjoined as ONE.