June 2010

My children, this is Father Michael. Today my message to you is simple. Enjoy LIFE! Enjoy being in your body and appreciate this sacred vehicle that has been designed for you to experience the wonder of CREATION. Yes, I know that your world is troubled and turbulent, but just for today, take your mind and heart off of these matters, and simply appreciate that you are alive. Much of spiritual value and uplift can come into your heart and mind when you take time to truly be grateful for your life.

When I walked on earth as Jesus, it was my delight to teach about the nature of life: that I came to give life and give it abundantly. Come to me now, and ask me to teach you how to enjoy your life more—how to view the challenges you experience and the relationships you have with more understanding and peace. I will share my human experience with you and help you enjoy what has been given to you.

Sit with me now, my beloveds. Sit in the quiet of your minds and hearts. Invite me in that I may feed you with the language of LIFE, and that you may know deep in your soul that you are a part of the very fabric of the creative design.


Beloved children, this is your Mother Nebadonia. Shedding the skin of your animal nature takes you into the realm of spiritual growth. You develop another part of your being that takes root in the evolution from animals into something quite unlike the animal state. This is the journey of eternity and you embark upon it during your life here on this physical world. What new life will you create from this rugged raw material? The choice is up to you. You are not alone, however, as you have something of the divine in you that holds a plan for your life…one that will bring you great joy if you listen and follow the voice of Spirit within.

The new being you create comes from life experience conjoined with allowing that still small voice within your mind to share something of divine value and inspiration. This voice will help you understand the circumstances of your life, and help you learn certain aspects of who you are so you can increasingly value yourself as a child of high spiritual destiny and potential. You can develop this here and now living on earth should you devote the time and patience, dedication and perseverance necessary to follow the inner leadings of Spirit. This truly represents the conscious participation of the unfolding of one’s divine life plan as humanity and God function together in the life experience. How much do you want to participate in this, my children? Here is where you exercise your choice.

Your Father and I provide the environment of the universe for you to learn, grow and experience a multitude of life’s lessons and adventures. That you are living on a world that has been out of step with the universe for many millennia does not mean that you cannot overcome these limitations. No! Instead it can inspire you to go deeper into your Spirit, to have faith, courage, hope, and strength to find that jewel of power within that will help you become all you can as a son and daughter of God. We are here to help you, beloveds, but it YOU who must choose this. Use your thoughts carefully and trust that by going deeper into Spirit you will find what you seek and begin to build that beautiful, creative, and joyful life that your soul truly desires!

My children, this is your Father Michael. The time of change is upon you and your world. This is the opportunity to move into the spiritual radiance that is pouring upon your planet to make into your own possession. Claim it, my children, this is yours for the asking! There is so much beauty available to you now. It is within where you will find it.

Your hearts are being fed with a nourishing spiritual energy through the connections you have to your Universe Spirit Mother. As you read these words, also spend a moment to perceive your heart and to ask her to radiate her love into you. Know that here is where I will meet you and share with you my radiance that you may have it for your own. Receive. Expand into it. Allow it to pulse into the cells of your physical body that it too may feed upon what is truly healthy and regenerating.

As the inner light grows stronger, it begins to radiate outwardly emanating from your bodies as energy that others find attractive and compelling. It has a harmonizing effect upon your relationships as others will seek what you have to offer them. They are draw to it as their souls sense that this is what they too need. It provides you an opportunity to radiate that inner glow from your heart to theirs, setting the stage for a profound exchange for love to be expressed. Trust in this dynamic, my children, and allow the natural flow of spiritual energy to take its course through your relationships and exchanges with your brothers and sisters. Share your radiance with others and watch what happens!

Beloved children, this is your Mother of the universe. As sons and daughters of a gigantic creative plan, you are endowed with certain prerogatives of creative potential. These are the gifts your Father and I give you to construct the designs of heaven on the earth plane. Each one of you has certain abilities that are crucial to manifesting this plan on your world. It is your joy and your responsibility to go within and allow this potential to become so consciously awakened within your heart that you will want to express it fully during your human lifetime.

So few individuals are up to this challenge and opportunity! Yet it is within you and you will be given much help should your FREE WILL choice say “YES” to this divine life plan that feeds into the collective divine plan for your world. There is majesty and grandeur in you, my children, as part of who you are of the CREATOR of ALL THERE IS. Awaken to the stirrings of your heart! Awaken to what your soul wants to express! The discomfort you feel at times in your being are these signals wanting to burst forth from the containers of your beliefs to set you free to live as children of God here on earth.

You activate these potentials by a mere act of will; by coming to your Father and me and saying, “Yes, I am ready to grow in Spirit and to become all that I have inside of me.” We will provide you with the necessary resources and guidance you need to accomplish this. You are not alone, and you have the support of the entire universe at your disposal. Your role is to have faith, and to trust in us, as your universe “mom and dad” to provide you with what you need to do this.

Come to us now in the quiet of your minds, in the trust in your hearts and ask us to open you more to what you have access to. It’s time to grow, blossom and flourish as universe children living here on earth, building the beauties of heaven upon this little planet spinning in the vast domains of space.