November 2010

My children, this is your Father Michael. Be strong and courageous as you go about these days of change. There is something deep inside of you that is ready to demonstrate a new way of living to your brothers and sisters. It is a way of compassion, forgiveness, understanding, gentleness and peace. This state of being has never been fully attempted on your world; only a few great men and women have chosen to move beyond their own human limitations and sought the divine presence within, whose power and glory make all things possible.

Today, I call upon you to go deeper into your selves—into the heart of desire where all of your secret wishes and yearnings of spiritual significance reside. Ask your Mother Nebadonia to expand you into your heart. Invite me into your heart when you feel ready and ask me to fill you with my attributes of Godliness. I will respond. Here is where you have the ability to spark those seeds of potential and bring them out into the world. I am with you!

As you increasingly do this each day, you will notice a shift inside, though it may be subtle at first. You become more peaceful, more forgiving, more understanding, and more compassionate towards your brothers and sisters. You are transforming yourself from a raw human being into a divine son and daughter of the living source of LOVE.

Remember what you are doing, my children, as you go about your days. You are crafting a whole new way of life here on this little world, and the changes you make ripple into the fabric of your planetary consciousness, helping it to regain its rightful order and design in the Father’s Will. Be in my peace!


My children, this is your Mother Nebadonia. Claiming your divine heritage as our children and members of the universe family is your birthright. You live the life of humans on your world, nevertheless, you are a valuable member of something greater than you can imagine. It is time to open your faith eyes to perceive the realm that is your home—a universe culture that loves and supports you!

The challenges of seeing within to a different kind of reality takes time to adjust, especially since you have lived lives of deprivation at many levels. Take the time you need, my beloveds, to become attuned to what your Father and I wish to share with you, but ensure that you are spending time quieting your minds to perceive this new reality. It will grow ever stronger in your hearts and feed your minds with the kind of reality you have long sought.

Then from this inner awareness you are fueled with many creative gifts to begin to change your planetary culture. As you live your lives each day, remember what you have glimpsed from that inner realm, and bring it to life in your outer one. Live as a child of the universe each day as best you can, and you will increasingly feel your family’s support upholding you!

Beloved ones, this is your Father Michael. The horizon is viewable, my children. The dawning of a new age is now being seen by many who have opened their hearts to love and in the construction of an era of peace upon Urantia. Yes, you have turned the tide after the long slumber in darkness. Be proud of your efforts to take more control of how and what you think about, and know that in continuing to do so you will make many more changes to your planetary culture.

As the tide continues to turn, know that there will be many who are uprooted in their belief systems. They will have more challenges to face if they are unwilling to begin to perceive reality from a different frame of reference. Here is where I would ask you to labor…in the fields of their hearts by demonstrating my love for them. Be understanding, compassionate, firm but yet flexible in how you interact and communicate with them. Be charitable in your opinion of them and what they are going through. Remember, you are my ambassadors and representatives, and I need you to operate from those ideals in your heart to reach out to them and show them the way.

The time is now, the way is prepared. Go forth boldly and live in your hearts, my children. I will shine my love through you, and together we will build the heavenly culture on this little world that is now taking its rightful place of honor in the universe

Beloved children, this is your Mother Nebadonia. The universe is your play and training ground for the ascension to a spiritual way of life. Living on a physical world in a corporeal body has its limitations, especially since you did not receive all of the DNA that is part of your divine inheritance, so there is a plan in place now to help you in your ascension journeys that will take you far into vast domain of the cosmos. This is a thrilling adventure that your human minds can only partially fathom, yet you have infinite potential seeded within the core of your being to help you awaken to your inner journey to Spirit.

Many of you are awakening to this inner adventure and opening to the possibilities that are stirring in your souls. As we watch you awaken and come out of your human shells, know that much help is at your disposal to gain strength and walk out into the world in a new way. While this way may seem unfamiliar at first, you are given much trust and courage to make this journey even when so many of your brothers and sisters are still sleeping and have not yet awakened to their potential. It is by your adopting a playful attitude to your own inner growth process that will keep your training ground joyful and peaceful, and provide a human stimulus to your siblings to open the door to their own hearts and what is contained therein.

So, play and know that you are safe in me, my children. Your Mother is watching and caring for you as you open and being this journey in earnest. Your teachers and helpers are by your side, and you have the whole universe supporting you. Take great care in dealing with your sleeping brothers and sisters, too; being loving and compassionate with them as they awaken to a new reality. Some will have a more challenging time then others, so ensure you are playing gently with them as they open their inner eyes and see who they really are!