February 2011

Beloved children, this is your Mother of the Universe. As the presence of the feminine aspect of Deity becomes more fully accessible in your minds on this world, the shifting to a new way of life will be more readily visible. Your world needs to learn about the ways of LIFE which are all disclosed in ME, and your hearts are responding to the call of my love beating inside your being.

What are these ways of LIFE you might ask? They are to cooperate with one another in peaceful and tolerant attitude, to appreciate one another with gentleness and compassion, to forgive when you have been wronged or hurt, to seek beauty in nature around you, to experience the universality of all creation, and to essentially enjoy what has been given to you with a grateful disposition and light-heartedness. Yes, my children, learn to live this way and you will have more of ME to expand and grow.

There are many lessons you will need to master as you learn about this feminine dimension of God-likeness and as you move away from a culture that has evolved in domination and coercion. Spirit is exactly the opposite of this, beloveds, and you are being retrained to understand both divine dimensions of Father and ME. Learn the ways of my MOTHERLINESS and you will find a ease and grace in LIFE that will delight you with wonderment and awe! Be in my peace!


My children, this is your Father Michael. As you grow in Spirit, you will discover many new facets of living TRUTH in the universe that become a part of your very being. LIFE is here for you to enjoy and experience, adding new fibers of consciousness into your soul. We encourage you to relax more with your life, to stop and enjoy the beauty around you, to appreciate the small things you experience each day. The key is to enhance the quality of your life by slowing down and letting the day share its wonders with you.

The busyness of your culture has stimulated your energy systems to the point of distraction—shifting focus from being centered within to an exacerbation of those conditions in your world that bind you in fear and chaos. It takes a singular focus to go within and “seek the stillness” of the Spirit where you will find the peace and solace you desire. This is why we teach you to quiet your minds so that the divine sounds of LIFE around you can be discerned.

You will find this inner reality rich with information on how to craft those facets of universe TRUTH into grounded real life awareness. You will be trained and taught ideas and ideals that will gladden your heart, refresh your thinking, and renew your body. Slow down, my children, and allow what is inside you to resonate deeply, and flourish in the inner truth that is gently guiding you into life abundant.

My beloved children, this is your Universe Mother. The human heart continues to open to the sound of the universe beating within. As your brothers and sisters begin to feel the birth pangs of the heart opening, help them to relax and to breathe deeply into their Mother. Help them to understand that they are safe in me, and the pangs they feel are the heart longing for its home. You may not even need to do this with words, but by simply loving them with the recognition that they are my children and belong to creation.

More and more you will find people who need this assurance that their hearts are safe. More and more you will be called into experience, just to sit and enjoy the individual before you as a son and daughter of divine dignity and destiny. If you hold this awareness for them and focus on your own heart, this will project an energy field around them that their own hearts may perceive, and add great value to their being. In time, they will recognize this awareness consciously and be able to step up to receive more of what they need from Spirit.

Help your brethren, my children. Become the LOVE that you were created in and share it freely. This is the time of the heart healing upon Urantia, and all things are now in place for them to blossom and thrive in our love for you!

My children, this is Michael, your Universe Father. Take time to appreciate LIFE each day. There is so much beauty in the small things life has to teach you. Do you look deeply into them to appreciate what is exposed to you? There is a tendency to go through things quickly—your society has conditioned you to rush and scurry about, but in the universe, life is savored and appreciated bit by bit.

This reorientation of your approach to life can be something you increasingly master, my beloveds, but it does take disciplining that mental chatter towards asking for deeper meanings to be disclosed in whatever you are doing. Help your Indwelling Spirit communicate these to you by slowing down and becoming more mindfully aware of what it is you are doing moment by moment. Here is where you will experience more peace and joy in life, and is that not what you most desire?

That which you call consciousness is simply being more attuned to the facts, meanings and values of LIFE. You are learning the ways of creation through your thoughts and feelings. Let it teach you each day a new wonderful facet of what is available to you as children of God. Delight in this, and know that each day can be full of wonder and splendor as your Spirit guides you to what you need to learn—just for now!