March 2011

Beloved children, this is your Mother Nebadonia who speaks! The time is here that my children of this world have long awaited. You, who have opened your heart, are ever growing in an internal power of love and light that you will learn to use for your own benefit and for others to help them become the LOVE they truly are.

This is our desire for our children—to become noble and upstanding universe citizens, productively expressing new images of the face of Spirit to the divine fabric of creation. You have within you a perfect guide to help you bring the qualities of tolerance, patience, courage, wisdom, peace, kindness, compassion and forgiveness into your everyday activities. This guide comes from that place of PERFECTION at the center of all there is, and is faithfully helping you evolve from your raw animal nature into your divine self.

Share with your brothers and sisters this good news. Help them appreciate what is inside them. Show them how you have found this Spirit within and what it has done to change your life. They need to know and experience who and what this Spirit is so they have an opportunity to participate in the great heart expansion on this world. It is time!


My beloved children, welcome to SPRING! This is Michael. This is a season of renewal and rebirth. Let me renew you with your Mother’s Breath of Life, that you may feel refreshed for the journey ahead. I will be there to accompany you through your times of reaching out to your brothers and sisters as you help them feel the love I have for them. Allow your hearts to be renewed in ME. It is time to bring me back to my children, and I need you to help me as my hands, my heart, my eyes, my words.

Sit with me now, and allow Mother to expand you. Call us into your hearts and wait. We will respond. As you allow this expansion of Spirit into your bodies, you will notice physical sensations as the body reorients itself in my LOVE. Relax into me and my love will carry you through this portal to divine love in action.

Grow, strengthen yourselves in me that you may be on the front lines of loving ministrations to your brethren. Know that I will keep you strong and secure as PEACE, LOVE, MERCY, FORGIVENESS, RIGHT-MINDEDNESS and JUSTICE are more tightly woven into the mindal fabric of Urantian life. Be in my peace!

Dearly beloved children, this is Mother. As the season of Spring approaches, I invite you to turn your attention to the beauty of nature’s regeneration and to spend time outdoors feeling the wind on your face and the smells of Spring in the air. It is a time for the seeds planted in you that slept through the Winter to start to germinate. Savor the energies of re-creation and allow your tiny seeds of Spirit to open their shells as LOVE pours into your bodies. It is time to blossom and this is one of the first stages.

Small though you may be in my eyes, you are carefully seeded in ME, so you can open to my LOVE flowing through your veins. MOTHER is larger than you, and I can fill you with WHAT YOU NEED. Open to me, sons and daughters of destiny, and I will expand you that you would change the world. It is time.

Spend time in Stillness receiving me now as you allow these ideas and invitations to settle into your being. It is time, and I will embrace you with a LOVE so satisfying that you find the PEACE of Michael you deserve.

This is Michael. TRUTH is shining through your hearts, my children, as you read this message. Allow the energies in this word to flow into your depths and nourish the cells of your soul. The experience with this word will disclose new levels of understanding into your mind, and feed your heart with a goodness that tastes delicious. Experience this as you focus on your heart and ask for TRUTH to move deep into your being.

You have been raised on many ideas of how to bring the ideals of spiritual living into your day to day activities. But what nourishes these ideas to turn into actual experience is the practice of receiving from your Spirit Parents and your Father Fragments the energies of LIFE itself. You simply need this time of nourishing yourselves in us. It is this simple.

So, my beloveds, feed upon this word and allow its textures and colors to radiate into your beings. Receive it and know it is yours whenever you are in need. Experience more of us each and enjoy the many gains you make as you learn to trust in my TRUTH and where it wishes to take you in loving your brothers and sisters more each day. Be in my peace!