May 2011

My children, this is your Father Michael. Your lives are precious to me, and each one of you reflects a certain dimension of the grandeur of the design of the creative plan. Seeded within your beings is this kernel of your soul, destined to demonstrate ever more lovely aspects of God’s love to the universe. When you begin to make conscious contact with this dimension of yourself, you truly start to live!

This life then on this physical planet is the rich training ground for you to enact those lessons of universal reality that will burst open the kernel of your soul and reveal its treasures to humanity. Doubt not that each one of you contains much inner beauty and value. This is your innate inheritance from your Creator, and you are given life to bring this out into the world into the ways you desire. The gift of free will affords you wide latitude of choices to make that will bring these creative potentials in your seed-soul into being on the material level. So treasure this life, my beloveds, and know that you are gaining more vital strength in your true self as you live nobly and courageously each day.

When you falter in your own strength, come to me to prop you up and help you live with more heart. Keep your minds focused on building your soul and know that I am pledged as your Father to help you along this adventure, and to be there when you need a helping hand to guide you along. Be in my peace!


Beloved children, I am NEBADONIA, your universe home. As your world awakens to the majesty and splendor of the vast cosmos, you will increasingly learn new ways of being. I am that which grows your awareness of universal reality. I am the pulse emanating through your beings, giving you LIFE. Sit in silence, quiet your minds and feel ME. Feel WHO and WHAT I AM.

There is a nurturing energy that bathes your souls and bodies in purity. You need this now to construct new fabrics of light into your beings, radiating into you those spiritual insights to infuse you with love, hope, strength, courage, forgiveness and patience. Grow strong in ME, my beloveds, and I will fill you with your Father’s personality attributes that ennoble and glorify human life.

Your time with me can be the most constructive time in your day, my children, and I encourage you to do this for yourselves. Spending time with me will satisfy a place in you that is boundless, eternal; ever refreshing you within and without. Come home to your Mother, beloveds, come home to your hearts and receive my renewal and peace.

Beloved children, this is your Father Michael. Build yourselves in me! I am the pattern upon which you fasten your personality attributes. Do you want to become more loving, more compassionate, kinder, gentler, constructive and creative? Then come to me and ask me to imprint my personality attributes into your beings. You, as my children, have the capacity to receive who and what I AM as part of your divine inheritance.

You accumulate these qualities and make them REAL in your life a little at a time, demonstrating in each life situation ever more lovely qualities of SPIRIT. As your Spirit Father, it is my responsibility to help you accept these divine attributes and express them in your daily lives. When you feel you are weary in your heart, struggling to be loving and peaceful, come to me by focusing on your heart centers and ask me to move in you. Simply say, “Father, I need you now. Please fill me with what I need, even though I may not know myself.” I will respond.

It does take time for my presence to register within your conscious minds, however, so be patient with this process. Training yourself to quiet your heart-mind to perceive me is one of the most important activities of your day. Ensure you are doing your part by practicing stilling your mind to enable you to feel my presence more assuredly.

Sit with me now, my beloveds, and ask me to move in your heart. What do you need? Open your hearts to me and allow my love to take you into a realm of peace and security, ever widening your capacity to share this with others as you go back into the world renewed and refreshed in SPIRIT. Be in my peace!

My children, Happy Mother’s Day! This is your Mother Nebadonia, and I send my greetings to all of my children as you remember your human mothers. What is a mother? Nurturer, home, love, safety, warmth: perhaps these words spring to mind. Yet, I am so much more that these things that you have experienced from your human mothers.

I am the very consciousness of LIFE itself and my action in creation brings about your life, providing you that nurturing place to experience what reality is. Let me embrace you in my being-ness, my children; that you would experience more of the true and perfect divine motherly affection that I have for each one of you!

You will spend many years of your ascension journey in my being, discovering new facets of creation and the creative plan that exists in the mind of God. How exciting it is for you to awaken to the ties we share together as I uphold you in the universe home you live and take form.

Sit with me now and ask your Universe Mother to move in you, showing you my love, my upholding of your presence in our home. Grow in me, my beloved children, and enjoy where the journey of your life takes you on this adventure throughout the cosmos! Be in my peace!

My children, this is your Father Michael. There is a Spirit of Truth within your beings that connects you directly to my presence. As more light shines upon this world, this connection will vibrate more resoundingly within your mind and body, opening new places within your awareness for my peace and presence to help guide you through the times of planetary transformation.

This is indeed a time of rejoicing as the human heart truly awakens to the power of SPIRIT that is at the core of all LIFE. You have been sorely contained from using this energy, but now the time is right for all the world to learn its ways—to cast off what has constrained the heart in a form of enslavement—and to demonstrate that in your relationships and interactions with one another.

You will be accompanied by me as you and your world undergoes this transformation. You will receive grace, insight, peace of mind, assurance of heart that I am with you. Go boldly into this time of transformation with gladness and hope, and feel me stir within you a new vibrancy and dynamism of the LIFE FORCE that is God’s LOVE for all creation. Be in my peace!