July 2011

My precious children, this is your Mother in Spirit. Revel in LIFE, beloveds, revel in JOY! Open to the music inside your soul, let your voice open in glory. The heavens are inside your being and it is safe to open to the fullness of what LIFE has to offer you.

Come, drink in the goodness, drink in the sweetness of my BEING. It is the dance of renewal, it is the song of love. You determine how much of this you wish to receive. Receive what you need now and relax in my womb. Be in my peace…sweeten in my joy!


Beloved children, this is Michael. You are my children, and I know your desires. Open your hearts to me, my little ones! Lay yourselves open in my hands and allow me to fashion you with MY desires for you. Relax in me now and wait upon MY HEART TO CONNECT WITH YOURS. Let go and I will fill you.

The LIFE FORCE of Your Mother Spirit is alive and dancing in you now! Allow the seeds and sparks of HER LOVE-LIGHT to catalyze those spirit potentials within your hearts. Open this to ME now and receive!

Sit and allow time to unfold these energies into you. Ask your Indwelling Spirit to show you the divine WAY OF LIFE. Walk in this LIFE-LIGHT. It is the way to achieving what is in your heart; it is how Father opens, expands and integrates you in the WILL OF LOVE. This is your divine birthright, and it is yours to EMBODY. Be in my PEACE!

To my children of this world: Your Mother is holding you in her LOVE as the winds of change blow about URANTIA. During this time of upheaval and chaos, know that there is something of great peace and stability that will be able to lay its foundation in what is left behind. Fret and fear not at what you see transpiring before you, but know in your hearts that this is transpiring because of our great love and compassion for you.

Stay close to your heart centers, focusing on those desires for PEACE, EQUALITY, FAIRNESS and JUSTICE to be more fully established within the circuitry of your planetary consciousness. Ask for the blessings of the HEART OF THE CREATOR to embrace all people’s minds and to infuse HOPE into them. You have the creative power of thought, my children, and now is the time to use your thoughts wisely, cooperatively, and joyfully.

Your Father and I support you through this time, and we are pledged to go with you throughout your day. When you focus on us, and ask for what you need to get through your days, ask for strength, peace, courage, and safety. We will respond.

All eyes of the universe are upon you, my beloveds. Grow in our grace and beauty as the world opens to the power of LOVE!

My beloved children, this is Michael, your Spirit Father. Count your blessings each day. You receive more than you are consciously aware from your Mother and me every day, and in coming to your meditations and prayer time in a grateful attitude, the blessings you receive will become more apparent to you. Develop this as a daily habit, adding one more blessing to the list each new day from what you perceived you received from the previous day.

In this way, you accelerate your ability to receive our generosity and what we wish to bestow to you. The spiritual wealth to which you have access is what will develop your ability to demonstrate the fruits of the spirit to the world when you interact with your brothers and sisters. You are truly wealthy in your divine inheritance, and we ask you to bring this into the material world you inhabit to make this REAL in a very physical sense. You are encouraged to BE love, to BE peace, to BE forgiveness, to BE tolerant, to BE kind, to BE patient. This quality of BE-ingness demonstrates to the world the bounties of SPIRIT and what everyone has access to, if they will open their hearts and trust.

What more blessings could you receive than this, my beloveds, than the fullness of what your Mother and I wish to share with you? Focus less on the subjective reality of what your material world teaches you as having value, such as money, and open your hearts to the real treasures within that will always nurture and fulfill your souls. Be in my PEACE!

My beloved children, this is your Mother Nebadonia. Liberty in the universe is conditioned upon your ability to be in alignment with the will of Spirit. You live on a world where various levels of civil rights are afforded to you based upon the dictates of the governments of nations. However, in the universe, you are afforded increasing levels of liberty as you learn to live in concert with thinking and responding in the will of God. You are now, as a planetary culture, learning the ways of God and the universe laws that govern the action of Spirit.

The more life experience you have that depicts the fruits of the Spirit, such as patience, gentleness, kindness, forgiveness, peace, tolerance, love, faith, and joy, the greater will your sense of liberty be. You will feel a light-heartedness that oversteps the negativity encountered on this world, and a courageous hope that conquers all fear. When you attain this state of being, and it is entirely possible to do that here on the earth, your life will be full of creative possibilities to express what God has seeded into you. This then becomes a time of great liberation from the constraints the world has put upon you, and you will increasingly feel more committed to following the will of God that is alive within your being.

As your Mother, I will feed your mind with information to consider about your liberation in the Spirit. Sit with me now, and ask for LIBERTY IN THE FATHER’S WILL to bathe you, and bask in what is my delight to share with you. Be in my peace!