August 2011

My children, this is your Father Michael. I come to you this day not as your Father, but as your elder brother Jesus who once lived as you do now—humanly and experientially. I am here to remind you to enjoy your human experience more as this is something that you will one day leave and evolve into a different life form. While the human experience is rugged and a struggle to craft into a beautiful expression of the Father’s will, nevertheless, the human experience was designed by our Creator Parents to increasingly understand the workings of LOVE throughout universal reality.

You who are living on this small planet have the unique opportunity to create your lives with your Indwelling God Presence, always bringing something of your own understanding into the growing reality of LIFE. When I walked on earth as Jesus, I truly experienced the full range of human expression and feelings—learning how to subject my own desires and yearnings to the ways of the universe and how my own Creator Father wanted to experience life with and through me. Like me, you have the same creative potential to experience your life, even though at times you do not know the way or do not understand what you should do in any given moment.

So, please settle this in your minds once and forevermore more, my children: LIVE each day with the understanding that your lives have great meaning and depth. COMMIT your daily expression and experiences to to be guided by your Inner Spirits. ASK for help to become more consciously aware of what is in front of you and how to allow God to express LOVE through you. FOLLOW these few suggestions, and you will live more faithfully each day. After all, this is what I exemplified in my human life, and it is the way to reach your spiritual goals for JOYFUL living. Be in my peace!


My children, this is your Mother in Spirit. Hold yourselves strong and proud as citizens of the universe. Take your place in my home, and recognize your innate inheritance as children of God. Expand your awareness into a greater reality of what LIFE is about. As you think about the concept of universal citizenship, allow me as your Spirit Mother to open your body into a greater connection of the life circuits that are streaming into the planet.

These circuits contain many sparks of the life force to combine with your human energies, upstepping your minds—your thinking and feeling into the higher realms of spiritual reality. Your indwelling spirits use these circuits to convey new information into your awareness. Thus, you are always helped into the insights you need to correlate your ideas and understandings into the meanings and values of LIFE.

So, my little children of Urantia, sit in my womb now, and allow me to gently grow you in the energies and circuits of your home. This is a wondrous, supportive place, and it is one that you will increasingly come to enjoy in faith, helping you express your beautiful personalities to become a living part of the fabric of all creation. Be in my peace!

My beloved children of Urantia, your Father is here for you! As the spiritual awakenings occur more quickly in the people around you, allow MY presence to move into your hearts and connect into them. This will stabilize their emotions and thoughts and give them some internal structure to guide their minds in the direction of their Indwelling Spirits. The internal compass will hold them steady in the stream of LOVE that they are starting to trust. It is by your efforts and compassion that will help them trust again in something good.

Remember that the scars of human misery run deep. Therefore we ask you to become as infused in SPIRIT to help erase those scars. You do not need to do this with words, my children, but with your hearts. We help you grow your heart energy that you may help others grow. When you sit quietly with ME, ask for my love to fill you and recharge your heart energy.

You can have all of my LOVE to share with others, but you must ask for it. The remembrance of asking is part of your daily responsibilities, so in developing such a habit, you do well to further your abilities to serve me and your brethren. Trust ME, my children. I am here for you and will respond when you call. Be in my peace!