October 2011

My children, this is your Father Michael. There is a large TRUTH living inside your beings waiting to express itself. Sometimes it may seem to you that your heart will burst. This is TRUTH wanting to LIVE, and only you can make it real by bringing this into the world. Sometimes it will feel painful if you express it, but that is only a momentary impression as you are birthing a new reality that is original and uniquely yours, and it must pass through a portal of error in order for it to truly radiate to the world.

This is your SOUL, my beloveds, and this is what your world now needs…to see awakened SOULS aligned in the WILL OF GOD alive walking on earth. This is what I did as your brother Jesus. I prepared the way for you to express CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS in all you think, feel and do, and it comes from truly living from and in your heart, where the seeds of your true self have been sewn and taken root.

However, you do not become SOUL all at once. You take steps each day to demonstrate the beauty within. You radiate your true self moment by moment, learning to subjugate the errors of thinking in states of fear or anger, intolerance and judgment to those of the LIVING TRUTH within you. Here is where I meet you and help you reach for those spiritual ideals that ennoble human life. Ask me to help you access CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS, and allow me to provide you those opportunities where you get to practice, practice, practice this each day. Rejoice in what you experience as the rough edges of your animal nature are honed to reveal the beauty and majesty of YOU! Be in my peace.


Beloved children, this is your Mother singing my love song to you. Can you hear me in your hearts? Can you feel me in your being? My presence is subtle and it gently beckons you into the wonders of LOVE. Your bodies were designed for LOVE. You were created in LOVE. You are a part of LOVE. Allow these words to settle into your hearts, my dear ones, and receive ME.

Be not swayed by the resistance in your body that prevents my love from soaking through. Simply relax, and breathe, breathe, and BE with me. I will open you with a kiss from the inside as my SONG OF CREATION reverberates through you. RECEIVE ME.

When you seek SPIRIT, you seek inside. Here is where you discover your Father’s and my love for you. Experience this, my children, and grow in the divine birthright that is yours to own, embody and BE. Grow in my JOY.

My beloved children, this is your Mother Nebadonia. Life on this world confers a distinct flavor of experience that is unparalleled in the universe. There is a richness and depth of understanding that you learn about workings of the grand plan of our Creator and how LOVE is shared by allowing FREE WILL to express itself fully.

You learn, through life experience—personal and direct—what your choices demonstrate to you—you derive meaning from them. Will they be painful, will they be joyful? You incrementally learn lessons each day, small and large, which teach you various ideals of SPIRIT if you have the heart, ears and eyes to discern. Desiring that you learn the Father’s WAYS OF LOVE, the quality of life becomes more enjoyable and satisfying, especially when you have some challenges that stretch abilities and strengthen your capacity for growth. As you exercise your body, so too does your spirit exercise through daily life. Sometimes you will feel a little “sore” while you acclimate to expanded skills in handling life positively, just as your muscles adjust to growing stronger.

Your life will always be moving in this direction, my beloveds, vigorous growth through living experience as you discover the vast universe and beyond of which you are an integral part. Become acquainted with this “faith” process as it is an innate part of your Father-endowed personality. As you learn and experience this dimension of who you are, you will be embraced in the PERFECT LOVE FOR YOUR MIND AND BODY. Experience this, children, and let your spiritual fragrance be the perfume of attraction for planetary transformation.

My beloved children, this Father Michael. Be not dismayed at the changes you see around you as the world turns direction towards the LIGHT of the universe. You are coming HOME, to me, to your Mother, and to your brothers and sisters in Spirit who love you so dearly. Open your hearts and allow our LOVE to embrace you through and through.

These are the days of jubilation as URANTIA, your world, takes its final steps into the universe. You will witness many events that at first seem incomprehensible to you, but over time all will be revealed and a certain assurance will be intuited within as my Spirit of Truth resonates within your heart.

When you feel doubt or confusion, stop and center yourselves in me and your Mother. Learn to contain and monitor your thoughts that you may be ever more in possession of self control that will help you make sense of what you see transpiring on your world. It is in this sense of self control that your emotions can stabilize and more spiritual energy come into your being to bring you the peace that assures you all is well. You are safe in your Mother and me.

Rejoice, my children, that the dark days are diminishing on your world, and the light of a new era of PEACE, TRUTH, RIGHT-MINDEDNESS, COMPASSION, FAIRNESS, JUSTICE, and EQUALITY is emerging. Play your part each day by loving yourselves and other a little more moment by moment. Enjoy yourselves and how your world is changing and ever more to BE IN MY PEACE!

My precious children, this is your Mother Nebadonia. You are learning the ways of the universe at this juncture of your planet’s evolution into its rightful place in our home, and it is good that you would learn the elements of effective prayer as a means of communication that is used in our home. This is part of your education and orientation to the divine ways and laws that govern and administer the creative plan. As your world undergoes its transformation, while in the early stages, you see that much needs to be accomplished to change a planetary culture centered in greed, corruption, war and inequality. One of the best ways you can bring about change is through effective prayer.

Focused intention through your heart, your desires, for upliftment is what sets the stage for your prayer to be received and acted upon by my ministers of Spirit—your angelic helpers. I encourage you to pray for those individuals and those cultural institutions that have been firmly ensconced in a rebellion mindset. Spend time each day sending your heart energy to those areas in your planetary culture where you wish to see transformation occur. Ask for My presence to fill these places, and ask for Michael’s WILL to flow into them. Ask for the individuals who are in positions of power to be filled with Michael’s TRUTH. As you focus truly feel your love for these erring people and the infrastructures they have created. Trust that I will respond and send you the angelic support necessary to catalyze change when your heart desires and intentions are aligned in Father’s WILL.

Here is where you have POWER, my children, the co-creative power to effect positive change that will supplant a corrupted system and bring it into a new age of LIGHT & LIFE. Go about your prayers joyfully and creatively, envisioning the changes you wish to see come about. Remember that the children who are holding the power are your brothers and sisters too and they need LOVE, MERCY, COMPASSION to let go of their deeply entrenched mindsets. They are the true victims here, so as you focus your prayers, know that they will be lovingly approached, especially if you maintain a merciful attitude toward them.

Know that I will be there when you pray to send the help necessary to effect the changes in accordance with the plans Michael has set forth for transformation. Be in my PEACE!