Beloved children, this is your Mother in Spirit. Your destinies are part of the growing expansion of the fabric of creation. You have all been created in a pool of great LOVE, and a wonderful reality is ahead of you if you have the courage and faith to walk this intense human path on a rugged world beset by rebellion and destruction. Creation is the very essence of reality and so much of your potential to create and express yourselves has been thwarted by planetary conditions not of your making. It is time to cast aside these limitations, and open your hearts to the call of SPIRIT that wants to create, express, and celebrate through YOU!

Your Father and I help you by giving you hope, trust, faith, courage, perseverance, determinism and peace to help you achieve what lies dormant within your hearts. This is where your potentials are housed. You activate your hearts’ delights by an act of WILL…making that choice to express what is in your hearts in various ways. No true act of the heart is lost or forgotten…all is known in our home, but you bring it to life by your desire to BE that which is inside your hearts, growing into it a little more each day.

Open your hearts, my children, allow what is good and true to be seen as a beautiful offering to the universe of who you are. Do not hold back in being your selves, even if you do not yet understand or perceive what that is. Your Spirit has the plans and has the seeds. All that awaits is your willful desire to become all that you can, and your Spirit will valiantly help you each day to bring one new dimension of yourself into the fabric of reality. Grow in my PEACE!