January 2012

Beloved children, this is your Universe Mother, calling you home into your hearts. Long have my children of this world suffered from a deprivation and separation from their true standing of belonging to this wonderful and wide universe family. Now as the spiritual forces of LOVE open the doors to your hearts, you are all poised to discover the grandeur of what is available to you, and the many family members who wish to draw close to you. It is safe to open to them, my children, for they love you and want to help you make sense of the new reality dawning in your consciousness.

Pay attention to the cues you receive during the day to help you sense their presences around you. It may be a number prompting; you may “hear” a voice in your mind that sounds like a higher idea; you may be guided to a person who has a message to share with you. Be open to the many ways you are being contacted, as this is part of helping you trust in the intuitive sensing mechanisms now being “switched on” in your bodies. You have a living truth sensor to help you recognize the validity of your experiences. Grow strong and confident in these abilities you are developing as this is part of the process for you to become a responsible and vibrant universe citizen. This is your family, and you are learning about being a member and how your family operates.

You live in LOVE and it is safe to grow in LOVE. Discard those beliefs that hold you back, give me your emotional pain through your desire to LOVE and FORGIVE, and you will open many avenues in your consciousness for your cosmic brothers and sisters to guide you into this new world. Be in my PEACE!


My beloved children, this is your Father Michael. Tokens of affection that you share with your brothers and sisters discloses your spiritual fragrance. When I walked on earth as your elder brother Jesus, I freely shared affectionate words and embraces with my brethren, even shocking people with my openness to love in spite of social and traditional constraints. This openness brought about much public scrutiny and controversy as people did not understand the nature of what I was demonstrating. I share this with you today, to help you appreciate that it is in bold actions aligned in the will of God that creates hardy souls capable of moving beyond the conditions of your culture to rise to new heights of Godliness while in human form.

Be strong in your abilities to share love and do not hesitate to step out of your comfort zone to demonstrate that you are learning your lessons of love. Be courageous and know that you have ME within you, loving who and what is before you. You do not love alone, you have ME to expand your capacities. I only ask that you take action, children, and to love, love, love as best you can each day. As you grow in your abilities and understanding of what is LOVE, you will be delighted at the spiritual fragrance you exude and what you attract.

Be in my PEACE!

To my precious children of Urantia, your Mother calls you home to your heart. This is your true home as it is the portal of LIGHT, LIFE, LOVE and the place you occupy in the universe. This is your true home. Come home—come into your heart. What does this mean? How does one “come into the heart”?

It is simple. You merely want it. Then place your focus of thought there and ask for me to expand you in MY PRESENCE. I will share with you what you need to grow and become more as our Creator-Source is. This is your Father Michael, and I delight in helping my children open to their relationship with their DAD. For when you open to your Father while you focus on your heart, you take your rightful place in our home, and you begin to function as a universe family member, and many things are added to you and your life experience.

Most of what we invite you to explore is the way you stay connected to us throughout your day of thinking and acting. You are accustomed to the earth plane as your home, and in the material sense, it is! However, open to your spiritual nature, and you will discover that you have a home here too, and it is in and through your heart will you find it.

Discovery is the adventure of LIFE, my children. Discover your true home and all of the myriad lessons you will add to your fabric of the cosmic tapestry. I am waiting for you…open your heart, and allow me to bring you HOME. Be in my peace!

My beloved children, this is your Father Michael. Many hearts are ready to open to the call of Spirit Within now, and all is in readiness for the ways of LOVE to become emblazoned within the human mind. What role will you play in the unfolding of the great awakening of the heart? How do you wish to help your brothers and sisters who have still to respond to what their hearts are striving to speak to them? The way of service is open, and all acts of loving kindness, compassion, forgiveness, and mercy are necessary to help this beautiful world continue to change course on its trajectory into universal consciousness. Your efforts are most valuable and appreciated, as you are the ones who will be inaugurating the new era of upon Urantia.

My hand ever guides you into this realm of loving service, helping you achieve what your hearts imagine and desire. Know that I am pledged to walk with you through this time of transition, prompting you in ways that will stimulate the spiritual potentials waiting to spring forth from your hearts. You are ready! You have been prepared! Help your brothers and sisters in the best ways possible, and you shall be rewarded by that supreme satisfaction that comes from being of spiritual assistance through your loving ministrations.

My truth and peace lights your way, and in the days to come, ensure that you have returned to the well of spiritual nourishment to maintain that composure and courage necessary to walk through this time of change. Strengthen your hearts in your Mother and Me, and know that we are with you as grace fills your world and brings it home to our universe family. Be in my peace!

My peace be upon you, my children! This is your Father Michael. You have so much to look forward to as you move into another year; this one being eagerly anticipated by many. What will this year bring? To whom will you be introduced to share Father’s love and joy? What service opportunities will come your way? What new levels of self-mastery and growth will you attain? As you ponder these questions, know that your Mother and I are here to help you achieve those goals you set for yourselves, provided they are all in alignment with the plans for transformation in Spirit—both personal and for the world.

Starting a new year means new beginnings fresh with hopes and dreams that you hold within your hearts. We encourage you to allow those dreams and hopes to ever move to the forefront of your awareness, ever expanding you into the dynamic place where your hearts speaks to you. Here is where you will find all that you need to accomplish great things this year in Spirit, adding new threads of spiritual energy into the fabric of Urantian life. What will you add to this?

The changes we anticipate for Urantia are all seeded within your hearts. Activate them! Bring them out of your heart and mind into your planet’s material reality! We are here to help you become aware of them, so ensure you are doing your part each day to help these changes burst forth onto the physical plane. You have so much help to do this, you only have to ask and strive in the ways you feel guided. Look to the light of the new era now dawning upon your world, and know that your Mother, I, and your universe family are with you in many dimensions helping you bring into being the ways of Spirit.

Be in my peace, my children, and enjoy a blessed year in Father’s LOVE.