To my precious children of Urantia, your Mother calls you home to your heart. This is your true home as it is the portal of LIGHT, LIFE, LOVE and the place you occupy in the universe. This is your true home. Come home—come into your heart. What does this mean? How does one “come into the heart”?

It is simple. You merely want it. Then place your focus of thought there and ask for me to expand you in MY PRESENCE. I will share with you what you need to grow and become more as our Creator-Source is. This is your Father Michael, and I delight in helping my children open to their relationship with their DAD. For when you open to your Father while you focus on your heart, you take your rightful place in our home, and you begin to function as a universe family member, and many things are added to you and your life experience.

Most of what we invite you to explore is the way you stay connected to us throughout your day of thinking and acting. You are accustomed to the earth plane as your home, and in the material sense, it is! However, open to your spiritual nature, and you will discover that you have a home here too, and it is in and through your heart will you find it.

Discovery is the adventure of LIFE, my children. Discover your true home and all of the myriad lessons you will add to your fabric of the cosmic tapestry. I am waiting for you…open your heart, and allow me to bring you HOME. Be in my peace!