Beloved children, this is your Universe Mother, calling you home into your hearts. Long have my children of this world suffered from a deprivation and separation from their true standing of belonging to this wonderful and wide universe family. Now as the spiritual forces of LOVE open the doors to your hearts, you are all poised to discover the grandeur of what is available to you, and the many family members who wish to draw close to you. It is safe to open to them, my children, for they love you and want to help you make sense of the new reality dawning in your consciousness.

Pay attention to the cues you receive during the day to help you sense their presences around you. It may be a number prompting; you may “hear” a voice in your mind that sounds like a higher idea; you may be guided to a person who has a message to share with you. Be open to the many ways you are being contacted, as this is part of helping you trust in the intuitive sensing mechanisms now being “switched on” in your bodies. You have a living truth sensor to help you recognize the validity of your experiences. Grow strong and confident in these abilities you are developing as this is part of the process for you to become a responsible and vibrant universe citizen. This is your family, and you are learning about being a member and how your family operates.

You live in LOVE and it is safe to grow in LOVE. Discard those beliefs that hold you back, give me your emotional pain through your desire to LOVE and FORGIVE, and you will open many avenues in your consciousness for your cosmic brothers and sisters to guide you into this new world. Be in my PEACE!