February 2012

My precious children, this is your Spirit Mother. The heart of the universe is where you will find the center of my presence, yet I am connected to each one of you through the circuitry of MIND—consciousness—that opens you to the greater cosmos of which you are an integral part. How I long for my children to know ME, come to ME as “MOM” and ask me to instill within your awareness the safety and security that is my universal womb.

Many people have had unsafe womb experiences with their human mothers, but I will always secure you in an energy force of SAFETY and SECURITY, especially when you breathe and relax and focus on yourself as a tiny seed embryo nestled within my heart. This is a visualization that you can focus on during your day when you feel harried or stressed. Take the time you need for renewal in my LIFE FORCE that will help you intuit that subtle BREATH OF SPIRIT that is ME.

Let not the forces of your culture deter you from receiving what you need each day, my children. Remember that your Mother is only a heartbeat away, a breath of renewal, a centered focus. As you become more adept at remembering and practicing this, your days will then to seem to flow in GRACE and have a rhythm to it that will keep your body strong and able.

Grow in ME, my children, and know deep PEACE at core cellular levels.


My beloved children, this is your Father Michael. The challenges your world face in changing course is similar to your own inner spiritual awakening and journey. Done on a larger scale, it may seem daunting to take a world that evolved out of step with the universe to bring it back into alignment. Yet, there is a loving guiding hand orchestrating this undertaking and success is assured.

Your personal journey of spiritual exploration is what you contribute to the larger picture. Changing the course of your mindal current…how you think, feel and act is your responsibility. As you demonstrate Godliness in your life, you set up an energy field for others to “resonate” with you and help catalyze something within them. The orchestration of people who resonate at the heart frequencies of LOVE is what this Correcting Time is all about…we help you find one another that you may collaborate with us to bring about this change of planetary course.

It is inevitable that the part would grow into the whole, and this is now occurring as more hearts open to the spiritual current that streams forth from center of LIFE. Know that TIME is an element is at play here as the dimension of SPIRIT converges upon Urantia. Allow yourselves to grow comfortable with the unfolding of the individual merging into the collective transformational energies and trust that the guiding hands of our WILL and TIME will bring all things together in LOVE. Be in my PEACE!

Precious children, this is your Mother Nebadonia. Living on such as world as you do now means that you must go through certain experiences to open to a universe reality that other people on other planets take for granted. Spiritual helpers are visible to my children who live on worlds that have evolved in step with the divine plan. But here on Urantia your helpers are beyond the range of most of your senses because your world has evolved in a state of separation from the divine ways. However, this now is being corrected, and much spiritual energy is now infusing LIFE into the planet to help you open to higher portals of TRUTH and GOODNESS about what LIFE has to share with you.

You have access to this now, my children, and it is in turning and tuning into your hearts where you will sense what your Father Michael and I wish to share with you. Your senses will grow as you learn to quiet your mental chatter and unclutter your thinking, moving into the faith-mind of an innocent trusting child. You can do this but it does take effort and dedication so that the currents of consciousness turn to the direction of the universe rhythms and flow.

This is the period of transition on Urantia and all minds are being connected to this universe energy. Some people will open willingly in faith and trust. Some people will resist and dig in their heels because they know not what is happening and what is now evolving. Regardless of where you are in this continuum, change is inevitable! We invite your conscious participation in this monumental time of change and encourage you to open to what you have access to as your divine birthright.

As you ponder these words, allow that sense of innocence when you were a very young child to come to the forefront of your memory and allow us to move through that into your hearts. This is a faith step that you take, but it is not alone as we have provided you with helpers to walk with you as you journey into this adventure of spiritual discovery. All we ask is that you try your best each day to TRUST in the WILL of LOVE and allow the inner adventure to open you to LIFE! Be in my peace.

My children, this is your Father Michael. Your home is the universe, and you have all the time you need to explore your environment and savor what it has to teach you about LIFE! Your consciousness, both personal and collective, is opening to what is available to you to assist your journey as a citizen of the universe, and as a child in our family. Allow your hearts to open to this reality, and drink in the nutrients of divine life.

There is an effervescent movement of vitality to course through your veins when you allow your heart to relax into the rhythms of your Divine Mother. Drink in our LOVE and grow strong in SPIRIT.

These life affirming energies are the new language of renewal and rebirth for this world. Be OPEN to receive them by breathing slowly and deeply as Mother moves in you. Allow MY presence to fill you a little more each day as LIGHT penetrates your inner being. This is the union of parent and child and it is the eternal bond that brings you home to your place in our family. Be in my PEACE.