Precious children, this is your Mother Nebadonia. Living on such as world as you do now means that you must go through certain experiences to open to a universe reality that other people on other planets take for granted. Spiritual helpers are visible to my children who live on worlds that have evolved in step with the divine plan. But here on Urantia your helpers are beyond the range of most of your senses because your world has evolved in a state of separation from the divine ways. However, this now is being corrected, and much spiritual energy is now infusing LIFE into the planet to help you open to higher portals of TRUTH and GOODNESS about what LIFE has to share with you.

You have access to this now, my children, and it is in turning and tuning into your hearts where you will sense what your Father Michael and I wish to share with you. Your senses will grow as you learn to quiet your mental chatter and unclutter your thinking, moving into the faith-mind of an innocent trusting child. You can do this but it does take effort and dedication so that the currents of consciousness turn to the direction of the universe rhythms and flow.

This is the period of transition on Urantia and all minds are being connected to this universe energy. Some people will open willingly in faith and trust. Some people will resist and dig in their heels because they know not what is happening and what is now evolving. Regardless of where you are in this continuum, change is inevitable! We invite your conscious participation in this monumental time of change and encourage you to open to what you have access to as your divine birthright.

As you ponder these words, allow that sense of innocence when you were a very young child to come to the forefront of your memory and allow us to move through that into your hearts. This is a faith step that you take, but it is not alone as we have provided you with helpers to walk with you as you journey into this adventure of spiritual discovery. All we ask is that you try your best each day to TRUST in the WILL of LOVE and allow the inner adventure to open you to LIFE! Be in my peace.