My precious children, this is your Spirit Mother. The heart of the universe is where you will find the center of my presence, yet I am connected to each one of you through the circuitry of MIND—consciousness—that opens you to the greater cosmos of which you are an integral part. How I long for my children to know ME, come to ME as “MOM” and ask me to instill within your awareness the safety and security that is my universal womb.

Many people have had unsafe womb experiences with their human mothers, but I will always secure you in an energy force of SAFETY and SECURITY, especially when you breathe and relax and focus on yourself as a tiny seed embryo nestled within my heart. This is a visualization that you can focus on during your day when you feel harried or stressed. Take the time you need for renewal in my LIFE FORCE that will help you intuit that subtle BREATH OF SPIRIT that is ME.

Let not the forces of your culture deter you from receiving what you need each day, my children. Remember that your Mother is only a heartbeat away, a breath of renewal, a centered focus. As you become more adept at remembering and practicing this, your days will then to seem to flow in GRACE and have a rhythm to it that will keep your body strong and able.

Grow in ME, my children, and know deep PEACE at core cellular levels.