Beloved children, this is your Father Michael. Many people have longed for my physical return to Urantia. Do you not know that I live in your hearts? Here is where you have access to me at all times, no matter what situation troubles or concerns you. When you need me, turn your attention to your heart center and ask for me to help you. Wait a few minutes by slowly breathing, quieting your mental currents, listen and feel.

My presence in you cannot be easily discerned when you scatter your thoughts and allow yourselves to gravitate into fear, doubt or confusion. It is if you are a crying child and won’t allow your loving Father to lift you up and hold you close to fill you will assurance and security—conveying to your mind and heart some insights that will help you with what you need. You must train your mind to be STILL for a few minutes so you may glean the spiritual information that you have access to within the portion of your consciousness where this resides.

It is as if you are “tuning” in to me when you do this, and I will respond. Please be aware that the way your body and mind receives information may have some “glitches” in the communication mechanism so be patient with training yourselves to access me. The more you turn to me during the day to share your moments with me, the more you will sense and intuit my presence. I am your Father, and I will help you live more peacefully, gracefully and joyfully each day, and I delight that you come to me that I may share MYSELF with you.

Grow in my LOVE, my children!