My precious children, this is your Mother in Spirit. The wonderful adventure of spiritual development has not been fully appreciated on your world, yet is it the discovery of your true SELF—your Creator-bestowed personality—and your relationship with the entire universe. This planet is in the early stages of remembering its divine origins; you are in a new phase of recognizing your divine origins, and there is much to learn and experience during this thrilling time of awakening.

What does spiritual growth mean? What are the values and meanings that make a person “spiritual?” You have an inner divine source that will help you learn and discern the answers to these questions, but you must consistently ask for lessons to help you deepen and broaden your understanding, and how to apply what you have learned to your relationships with others and with your outer environment. The practice of quieting your mind—softening the mental chatter—will open the portal to your divine Inner Spirit and help you increasingly discover internally what the meanings and values of SPIRIT are. This is the great adventure, my children, for it takes you into the breathtaking discovery of the glory of CREATION.

Are you up for this adventure? Are you ready to cast off old belief systems and listen to what the presence of God Within wants to disclose to you? Make time for this divine appointment each day with your Spirit and ask those questions near and dear to your heart. Trust that you will be most expertly guided to experience what your Creator Source wants you to learn about your life and the universe. Savor each morsel of information you discern as if you had just eaten the most deliciously delectable meal. Experience LIFE abundantly each day and know that you have everything inside you to have a happy human experience.

Grow in my LOVE!