My children, this is your Father Michael. Within your being is a Spirit of Truth that houses my direct presence in your lives. When you are confused or in doubt, turn within and press into this spirit and ask me to guide you into a higher and better understanding of what weighs upon your mind and heart. You are living in a period where much distortion clouds human thinking, therefore, it is imperative that you understand that you are not alone when you encounter ideas and belief systems that do not seem to feel “right” to you. Ask me for my opinion; ask me to help you see beyond what is being conveyed right into the heart of the TRUTH.

I will always help you, my children, for I am LIVING TRUTH, and the embodiment of this is something you partake of when you come to me. It will set up a resonance within you and help you discern with the eyes of spirit into what is being conveyed to you, and help you expand your insight and awareness into a better way of understanding. Learn to use this Spirit of Truth, for it is yours and no one can ever take that from you. It is my gift to you. But you must use it in order to benefit.

Come to me now, and ask me a question that is on your heart. Ask me to show you a more expansive view of what you wish to perceive. I will respond, although it may take some time to filter from the higher levels of your mind into your waking consciousness. Nevertheless, as you practice this technique of coming to me when you have questions, you will develop a most effective habit of asking me to help you sort through the confusion of living on this world and come into a deeper understanding that leads you to inner peace. Live in my PEACE!