My children, this is Michael. Many new opportunities for planetary growth and change are happening. Are you taking advantage of this energy? It will serve you well in the coming years to help you achieve new spiritual insights and understandings into the workings of the universe—the plan of creation!

You, as my children, have grown up in a planetary culture that has followed a path that worked against divine will and universe law. Now as you are changing course, you find that this is both personal and planetary, and many new ideas are becoming more keenly identified in your thoughts and feelings. Here is where you may take advantage of the currents of LIFE—that will seed into your mind new truths for you to consider about how you may wish to conduct your future affairs while still living upon this world. Take time during your day to go within that you may glean these new ideas and consider them more fully. This is an important phase as the world embraces its rightful place in my home.

My children, the door to the universe is open to you. Allow yourselves to step into this adventure…there is so much to discover and enjoy. I will be there to help you, and have provided you with many helpers to assist your journey. Grow in my PEACE, thrive in your Mother’s JOY, and savor your time upon this world, now coming back into its right place in our family.