Inside your being is a place where your answers reside—where your Divine Source lives. Yet, it can be challenging to find the part of yourself that is connected to your Divine Source. Sometimes on this inner journey it is helpful to have someone accompany you, especially if you feel confused, lost, stuck, depressed, or hopeless.

If you have had a major life change and don’t understand what is happening in your life, there is a reason why this is occurring. If you or your loved ones have a serious illness or emotional problem, healing is possible. The answers and healings lie within. The inner journey to your Divine Source attracts the help you seek.

In this outer hectic world of change, the Center for Christ Consciousness opens you to the place inside your being of stability, comfort, and peace. Here you receive help to establish a new inner reality; one where you sense your Divine Source who fills with a great feeling of self-awareness, acceptance, and confidence.

Partaking of the services I offer at the Center for Christ Consciousness will give you new tools and skills to handle your problems. This is done in a nurturing and safe environment that honors where you are and takes you to the next level of your journey. During sessions, I teach you to access your answers within and to trust your intuition as you find your Divine Source. This is the path of spiritual growth and soul healing.

Contact me for additional information on how I may assist you into the luminous presence of your Divine Source that heals all wounds and frees you to use love’s creative power. This is your divine birthright and it is yours to own and use for your benefit and for that of others. Through our sessions, you will learn new innovative techniques to use this creative attracting power and be given an expanded outlook on life that excites and inspires you. I hope you will allow me to escort you on your journey.

— Donna D’Ingillo, The Center for Christ Consciousness


3 Responses to “About Us”

  1. James Says:

    Hello, Peace & Love,

    I am a single father full time parent with very little funds, these funds I do have are necessary for my daughter so I am asking that you speak with me based on a human compassionate level of pure genuine generosity. Everything you and your group represents seems correct to me and I am very aware of the consciousness of LOVE, PEACE, COMPASSION and Humility and all that embodies Christ as well as the other great teachers and mentors, I would only ask to make contact with you based on the fact that I am being directed at this time to contact you and see if there is more we can do together to accomplish the will of our CREATOR. If you are open to helping me with many of my questions and creating a friendship then we can bring our enlightenment to a new level. I believe it is time for all like minded individuals to unite and share what they have learned so that we can better understand what awaits us in this new season we are about to embark on….

    Thank you for your time and consideration

    Peace and Love

    from your brother and sister

    1. christconsciousness Says:

      Dear James: I am just reading your comment to me today, October 24. I just checked my messages on my blog, so I apologize for the delay. I would be interested to help you so, please write me and let me know how you might want to proceed. I actually prefer to communicate the old fashioned way via phone so I can get to know people, and they can get to know me. I find email quite impersonal and this is a time on the planet to build strong personal relationships. If this is something you are interested to pursue, please contact me at my email address: We can set up a time to chat that is mutually convenient and we can discuss your needs and how I might best be of assistance to you. Also, please check out my website for more information on this growing ministry. Thanks.
      In loving service,
      Donna D’Ingillo
      Center for Christ Consciousness

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