Weekly Message

My children, this is your Father Michael. Much change is occurring on your world, and many people are awakening to the spiritual pressure that is being applied as part of the plans for planetary healing and transformation. Everyone is experiencing this now, albeit some are hardly aware that this energy is from SPIRIT and it is inviting humanity into the creative dance of LIFE.

It is up to my children who have awakened to carry this energy of change to help their siblings open to a new way of living. The more you go into this transformational time with the intention to serve your brethren, you actually serve me and help me with the plans for healing to continue, unfolding in good time. Call upon me when you need support, love and guidance, especially when you are with someone who does not know the spiritual side of life. Let me speak the words through you that will comfort, uplift and inspire them. I know how to reach their hearts provided there is an opportunity to do so. The circumstances of your lives are being orchestrated that you would have those moments when it is advantageous to reach out and help someone in need.

Do not be concerned with what to say or how to make an impact. Simply have an open heart and know that something will be forthcoming to help the person before you. You may, however, be bold to share your own personal experience about how Spirit is helping you to approach LIFE with a new perspective. You are planting seeds for thought within their minds and hearts, and their own indwelling Spirits of Father will take that energy and put it to good use. Trust in what is forthcoming and know that all things work toward the glory of God!


Precious children, this is your Universe Mother. Be patient with your transformation journeys. After all, you will evolve into many new dimensions of spirit as you ascend through the universe. This is the eternity adventure. It starts out on this material world. Here is where you gain insight, wisdom and experience each day. Why be anxious about how you are changing or what you are growing into? Instead, allow the path to unfold before you each day with patience and perseverance, knowing that there is guidance for you along the way.

Cultivating patience puts you in the midst of chaos and a pace of life that is very hurried and anxiety-producing. Adopt a more peaceful outlook on what you perceive of your life, knowing that you can slow down and relax more. Make your spiritual life of utmost importance, and remember to spend time with your Indwelling Spirit that you may experience the feeling of how Spirit wishes you to flow during your day. This allows patience to grow. There is a natural rhythm to life and your Spirit will help you achieve life as you go about your day. Patience will craft that inner relaxation and peace that speaks to you, “It’s okay for me to slow down and take life as it comes.”

Sometimes you will need to move quickly to accomplish certain tasks. Again, here is where patience will serve you well. You will experience a knowingness that all is well; that you have ample time and space to achieve what you need to do. Patience provides the pace you need so you can remain poised and calm in the midst of much busyness.

Beloved children, ask me to provide you with more experiences to practice being patient. This is an important spiritual lesson to learn about how things are accomplished in Spirit. The eternity adventure is a long journey, and patience is one of the most important characteristics you can develop to help you stay focused on what you need to do, trusting that your path is unfolding as it should Patience fosters faith, opening new understandings within your heart and mind to the eternity adventure.

Dear children, this is your Father Michael, who lived a human life as Jesus upon your little world. After I finished my earth career, my Spirit of Truth was made available to you over two thousand years ago that you may be aware of my presence within your minds. It was my desire to stay close to my children that you would have the internal means to perceive what is real and what is true.

When you seek answers to the questions of your lives, call upon me to help you discern what is truth from what contains error. You have many influences all around you, each speaking from a different perspective of what is perceived as real. While some viewpoints are more closely aligned to the divine ways of universe functioning, others are merely the attempts to maintain a way of life that fosters chaos, disease, and destruction. Some views seem to be correct in the short-term, yet in extrapolating their beliefs upon a longer look at life, the effects can be recognized as dangerous and injurious to human growth and spiritual development.

When you are confronted with various opinions and beliefs of others, take a few moments of internal respite. Come to me. Ask, “Father is this true? Help me to see this situation and/or belief from your eyes.” Trust that I will give you the TRUTH in any situation, especially when you are ready to move beyond the limitations of what humans conceive as true and into the divine ways of LIFE. Then, you will be able to sort the truth from the error and be uplifted into a better way of living.

It is time to recognize the part you play in ways of creation, my children. Move beyond the planetary culture of living into our universe family, which will help you comprehend how to build a better world for yourself and future generations. Trust in the insights of TRUTH, and allow yourselves to move out of the errors of the past into what is now growing upon the world. The Spirit of Truth calls you into this higher path, and my presence will guide you upon it.

My precious children, this is your Universe Mother Nebadonia. There is much change occurring upon your evolutionary world. New ideas are sparking the human imagination. Creative ways to solve your planet’s social and moral problems are growing—not only in terms of new ideas, but in new feelings of desiring to become more of who you are. This is my Spirit Voice speaking into your beings, helping you expand into the ways of the universe. It is safe to open to this, dear ones, and listen to the internal cues and clues that you perceive through your intuition.

Your developmental potential is being catalyzed by Spirit. Welcome this! Celebrate this! Trust in this, and enter joyfully into the inquiry that beckons to you. My presence is in your consciousness, and it is also the place wherein resides your own indwelling Spirit of God, which desires to attune you to the divine life plan seeded within your consciousness.

Desire your growth in Spirit, and know that change is good! This is a natural process, part of your innate make-up as an evolving human. The spiritual presences within your being are all there to assist your awareness of the development aspect of your being, but it is your choice that activates this journey—it is an act of faith. We hope you will choose the changes speaking into you, and thrive in this unfolding. Enjoy this process, and where it takes you on the adventure of creation!

My children, this is your Universe Mother. The reality recognition of your planetary consciousness expands into the beauty and grandeur of the Father’s creative plan. There is much to learn and experience when you open and allow the plan to reach your inner awareness and stimulate your soul to birth. We provide you the safe and nurturing environment to grow into your potential. Yet, it is up to you to receive and enjoy. When you feelingly experience this space, the imprint of the divine plans touches your soul and gives it LIFE!

The words of SPIRIT we speak into you provide a window into the universe. Ideas of divine import shine upon your thoughts, catalyzing information from TRUTH and GOODNESS language to nourish your inner structures of being. We desire our children to know this, feel this, and relax into what it wishes to teach you. It is what you were created to receive. Now deep seated needs are appearing, and we delight in sharing our gifts with you. Take a few moments to focus on TRUTH and GOODNESS that the BEAUTY of reality is recognized. Let your need for SPIRIT be fulfilled in these qualities of divine PERSONALITY.

This is happening around the planet, my children. Individuals are responding to this inner call and reality recognition. The SOUL is awakening! Let yourselves continue to grow in SPIRIT! Share it with those around you. This is the unfolding of the divine plan in action, keeping you nourished in our PEACE and LOVE.

Beloved children, this is your Father Michael. The truth of your being lies within your developing soul. This part of your self is connected to the larger container of SELF, of which we are all a part. The divine SELF is part of our mutual Creator Father, who has put into place a vast organism of LIFE. Many different personalities are created to participate in the grand unfolding of the divine plan.

Seeded within this soul is the growing self-identity of what it means to be an evolving human starting life at the material level on a physical world. There is beauty and grandeur in the “beingness” you were born into, and it is up to you become aware of the magnitude of what this means as your go about your daily lives. This is the unfolding of the spiritual life, and it is played out upon the scenes and experiences each day. What a gift you give to LIFE when you participate in the journey to co-creating your soul identity along with the presence of the Creator within your being.

Allow the TRUTH of who you are to awaken and inspire you to inner depths and dimensions of your being, my beloved children. This is beyond your waking consciousness, yet you can open to this by quieting your mind and heart, by simply posing that question, “Who am I?” The inner process of opening to this region of consciousness will bring information forward to help you perceive what is this thing you call “self” and help you participate in the development of your personality gifts throughout creation. As this unfolds, you will increasingly see yourself as a growing God-self, and enjoy ever-expanding feelings of LOVE, PEACE, JOY flowing from your SOURCE of which you are an integral part.

Beloved children, this is your Spirit Mother. There are bumps along the path of spiritual growth and inner transformation. The journey to become more of who you are as a child of God entails effort and struggle as you outwork many memories and experiences that have kept you in states of mental inertia and emotional confusion. It is not easy to look objectively at yourselves to determine what holds you back. The levels and layers of your being function beyond your comprehension, and yet there is a way to see yourselves with more emotional detachment. That is when you come to your Father and me and ask for help!

During experiences that confuse you or cause you pain, come to us and ask to see the situation from our perspective. When you feel destructive emotions, come to us and honestly admit what you feel. Ask us to help you to perceive the better way to look at what has caused you discomfort. This moves your thoughts and feelings into the realm of spiritual inquiry, where you open the door of your consciousness to glimpse the truths that we wish to impart to you. When you desire and allow the inner workings of your beliefs and emotions to gleaned from the Spirit, you will be fed with the insights and feelings that will help you reach more objectivity in self-awareness.

The challenge you face is to continually practice this in each situation in your life, and to spend time in quiet reflection that we may commune in your intellects and hearts what we wish to show you of a higher reality. When you feast upon these insights, you will then be upstepped into that realm where peace, forgiveness, joy, and creativity provide you the stimulus for growth. Reaching and cultivating this on a daily basis then sets the stage for your spiritual development in a more gentle and yielding manner. You will have learned some secrets of the faith journey, my beloveds, and that will always be the driving force of your spiritual transformation.

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