Beloved children, this is your Spirit Mother. There are bumps along the path of spiritual growth and inner transformation. The journey to become more of who you are as a child of God entails effort and struggle as you outwork many memories and experiences that have kept you in states of mental inertia and emotional confusion. It is not easy to look objectively at yourselves to determine what holds you back. The levels and layers of your being function beyond your comprehension, and yet there is a way to see yourselves with more emotional detachment. That is when you come to your Father and me and ask for help!

During experiences that confuse you or cause you pain, come to us and ask to see the situation from our perspective. When you feel destructive emotions, come to us and honestly admit what you feel. Ask us to help you to perceive the better way to look at what has caused you discomfort. This moves your thoughts and feelings into the realm of spiritual inquiry, where you open the door of your consciousness to glimpse the truths that we wish to impart to you. When you desire and allow the inner workings of your beliefs and emotions to gleaned from the Spirit, you will be fed with the insights and feelings that will help you reach more objectivity in self-awareness.

The challenge you face is to continually practice this in each situation in your life, and to spend time in quiet reflection that we may commune in your intellects and hearts what we wish to show you of a higher reality. When you feast upon these insights, you will then be upstepped into that realm where peace, forgiveness, joy, and creativity provide you the stimulus for growth. Reaching and cultivating this on a daily basis then sets the stage for your spiritual development in a more gentle and yielding manner. You will have learned some secrets of the faith journey, my beloveds, and that will always be the driving force of your spiritual transformation.


My children, this is your Father. I am contactable within your realm of consciousness, and I long to impart to you many things which will enhance the quality of your lives. You have direct access to higher minds of divine beings who are able to convey to you information about facts and facets of universe reality to help you see your life’s situations with fresh eyes, with forgiving hearts, and demonstrate compassionate actions.

When you come to me and ask me, as your Father, to guide you into a higher way of living, you provide me the open access to your consciousness for these thoughts to emerge within your awareness. You are exchanging your mind for the divine mind, and you start to develop the FAITH that builds your soul. You essentially acknowledge that something is occurring in your life that is beyond your understanding, and you need a better way of perceiving. Here is where I step in and reach into your mind to uplift you into the realm of spirit where all things of TRUTH reside. You are trusting me to help you understand reality, which is the act of faith that draws in divine help. I always respond!

Therefore, my beloveds, hesitate not to ask me to help you! I am your Father. It is my delight and joy to show you as my children what you need to learn. Train yourselves to use this part of your mental equipment known as the FAITH mind, and you will surely lighten your load of the burdens you place upon yourselves by trying to understand reality with your own human minds. Exchange your mind for my mind, and grow in the comprehension that liberates you!

My dear children, this is your Spirit Mother. Closer to you than a heartbeat or breath is my presence in you. I fill the very cells of your bodies with spirit vitality that reverberates through your beings at various octaves of LOVE-LIGHT. You are coming into a expanded frame of reality-reference, and observing the actions of this LOVE-LIGHT and how it impacts your systems of being—your consciousness. Yet you may not quite fully appreciate that this energy comes from a divine personality—your MOTHER.

I am contactable. I am the womb of LIFE. I am the BREATH that enlivens each cell. I am the CONSCIOUSNESS of your being. When you come to me as a little child—in innocent trust—I will expand you into more of the LOVE-LIGHT that is part of my being. For to me, that is what you are—a young soul starting out on an adventurous ascension journey to explore the ways and means of reality. You need a Mother’s touch to support your journey into the universe—you need a safe and nurturing environment around you to help you grow into the godliness that is part of your human make-up. When you personalize our relationship, you access more of ME to provide you with what you need to grow strong, healthy, and aligned in the ways of LIFE.

So, I invite you to sit with me now, and ask, “Who are you, Mother? Please reveal more of yourself to me that I may understand who you are and how you support my life.” Having this as a focus opens the pathways of LOVE-LIGHT to stimulate your mind, heart, and body and helps you discern internally who I am in our growing relationship. Spirit is personality, my children, and my being is personal and desires more intimacy with you. Sit in this information and receive ME!

My beloved children, this is your Father Michael.  Change can be a very difficult condition to endure for many of my children, yet it is the very nature of your evolutionary status.  You were designed for change—to grow, to evolve to higher and deeper levels of understanding the universe and the principles of LIFE.  When you consistently embrace the nature of change, you grow in faith and the ability to withstand the shifting ideas of your culture…moving you from discovery to discovery, ever expanding your perception of who you are and how you fit into the fabric of LIFE.

 Now, more than ever, as more CHANGE energy fills your world, you will be called to move more deeply into the change.  It will surely be a time of great uncertainty, but when you allow the SPIRIT to facilitate your inner awareness, you will find that FAITH can guide you safely to the shore where you will find me as your Father, providing you with the emotional strength of heart and mind to keep you safe amidst the climate of shifting loyalties.  There is an inner knowingness that is building within your beings to help you hold steadfast during these times of great transition and transformation.

Learn to go within more and more each day to establish that secure tether to your SPIRIT, which will guide you surely into the paths of PEACE, HOPE, JOY and CREATION.  There you will meet me and I will help you walk this path of faith and provide you with much necessary information to participate in the creation of the divine ways upon the planet.  Ensure you are doing your part each day by taking yourself away from the energies of fear, despair and doubt that your culture teaches.  Turn to the creative power of LIFE that is contained within the presence of God who dwells in you.  Be bold!  Be strong!  Be guided! And know that I am always with you.  My Spirit of Truth will ever help you discard what no longer is beneficial to you or your world.  You are sustained in my LOVE as you move through this great change of the age.

My children, this is your Divine Mother.  Place your attention on PEACE as you move into the celebration of Christmas day.  There is an energy filling the world that will allow for more peace to embrace this world, and its effects will be heightened when you focus on peace within your hearts.  We look to you as the citizens of the world to desire peace, to demonstrate peace, to BE peace.  We share our divine attributes of PEACE with you, and we ask you to receive this through your attention placed on it.

 The world has grown weary of war, but not so in some quarters.  There, the ways of warfare hold sway as the only solution to accomplish certain objectives.  But you, my awakened children, know of a better way to address conflict, and it is through the desire for peace that you allow the divine ways to come into focus and create more constructive means of conflict resolution.

 On this Christmas holiday, remember your elder brother Jesus, who was a man of peace.  Remember his ways: his forgiveness, tolerance, patience, compassion that yielded the peace that you too can embody by following his inspiration and demonstration.  May the PEACE that brings hope to the world at Christmas fill your hearts, illuminate your thoughts, and give you the joy that fulfills your souls.

My children, this is your Father Michael.  You have called me by many names, and I respond to all sincere calls from the heart to come into your life.  Our relationship is predicated upon your willingness to know Spirit and the myriad personalities who exist in the dimensions just above your human consciousness.  When you open the door to Spirit, I respond!  You begin to receive that inflow of LOVE, LIGHT and LIFE that streams from the connecting circuitry within the SPIRIT OF TRUTH that is, what you might call, “hard-wired” into your hearts.  It is in the opening and expanding into your heart where what you need for your life will begin to flow into your being.

 So many children of this world still have not opened their hearts, yet the spiritual pressure to do this is mounting.  You have heard the phrase, “I stand at the door and knock.”  Nevermore was this truer than NOW.  This is the moment of awakening.  This is the opportunity of your lifetime.  This is the changing of the ways of misalignment of Spirit into the ways of CREATION.  This is the TIME!  My children have the wonderful chance now to go into their hearts and receive what I freely bestow to each and everyone of this world.

Help your brothers and sisters open to their hearts by simply focusing LOVE from your heart centers to theirs.  It is this simple.  Speak simple words of truth and encouragement to them when they share their problems and concerns with you.  Trust that I will speak the words they need to hear when you have established that heart-to-heart connection to feed them with what they need.  This is what I ask of my children who have awakened to their own hearts.  Then you will not only benefit from the person to person exchange in your own soul, but continue to grow in spiritual energy that stimulates your desires to be a greater expression of LOVE, TRUTH and GOODNESS into the consciousness of the world.  Delight in serving your brothers and sisters in this manner.  It is the divine way in which you co-create the heavenly patterns upon this beautiful world.

This is Mother, my precious children, and my arms reach across the universe to hold you close to me.  The impulse for spiritual development is gaining strength in human consciousness, and many of my children of this world are beginning to open to their rightful place in our home and family.  We are all members of a gigantic creation.  My presence is stirring in my children of this world.  The tethering of my being to yours is becoming more apparent, and the ways of the DIVINE MOTHER are disclosing new meanings about who and what God is.

 This the energy of CREATION conceived in the mind of God—our CREATOR FATHER, unfolding through the action of GOD—the DIVINE MOTHER, my presence now moving across the face of the earth and opening hearts to the potential you all have as children of the divine plan.  You will be learning about this energy for many years to come, as you move away from the nature of destruction and the many ills that have developed as a result of straying from the divine path.  This is all being corrected now, dear ones, and you are all being encouraged to play your part in the unfolding of the rehabilitation of this planet to reflect the ways and means of Godliness.

Allow the change in your minds to unfold in GRACE and GLORY.  Come into the quiet state of communion with ME and I will help you release what is old, destructive and fear-based for the new consciousness of CREATION and LOVE.  It is time that humans truly step into their creative power that they have as children of God, and allow my presence to move in and through you.  Only then can you fully develop the potential within your souls and BE as the Creator Father and I have intended you!