Dear Truth Seeker:

Ask yourself these questions: “Do I have all of the satisfaction and joy in life I crave? Do I have all the love, hope, trust, and faith I need to meet the challenges of my life? Do I know where to find what I’m seeking?” Would you like to be led to the answers? “TEACH US TO LOVE” is a manual to find these answers. Visit for more information.


3 Responses to “Teach Us to Love”

  1. […] I hope you will join me for this presentation to become more familiar with the book and what it offers.  Please consider attending and if it feels right, please invite your family or friends who may be interested.  Here is the link to the book’s website for further information:  There is also more detailed information about the book on my blog at: […]

  2. Juliana Says:

    Well,I want to be there but I’m in Malaysia.Anyway,there’re still ways for me to learn.I guess it just takes time for me to fully digest everything but if there’s any chance,will you be updating videos/clips of your book and seminar online?Because I’m available online.I wish you could come to Malaysia.

  3. Juliana Says:

    Oh and Happy Mothers’ Day!Here’s a poem I wrote for you.

    Dear mum,
    There’s is nothing I can do if there’s no you,
    For no matter what you are my personal guardian,
    And it turns out that you are the one that have excepted me forever,
    No matter what.

    I could have gone off with the winds,
    It could have blown down to the cliffs,
    But you,
    You have hold be back and you always will,
    You have kept me strong and confident.

    You have brought me up to know God,
    To be able to receive His Love openly and freely,
    And to let Him love me to the fullest,
    You have gave up everything you have just for my sake.

    Dear mum,
    You are the ideal woman that I needed in my life,
    For all that you have done and sacrificed for me,
    I saturate you forever,
    And I love you no matter what,
    Please forgive me for all my errors done,
    I love you.Muahh!!

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